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Parent Orientation Programme (POP) was organized in Eicher School in August 2015 for classes Pre-Nursery to II. Parents gathered in large numbers to make the programme a success. We appreciate, each and every parent for actively participating in the programme and giving their valuable feedback and sharing their experience


We will get back to parents individually their specific queries.


“It’s totally concept of stress free learning”.” I learnt that we should not try to put pressure on studies rather we should make studies enjoyable”.


“We should do more activities where we see, touch and feel things”.


“Experiential and stress free learning helps children in retaining knowledge lifelong”.


“Good change brought by school”.


“We learned that bookish knowledge is not everything. A child should learn different things like behaviors, experimental learning and group activities”.


“Visual and touch learning is more fun and effective”.


“It was a fantastic approach to the development of a child”.


“Your imagination starts where ours end”.


“I am really impressed with the methods you follow to teach a child”.


“It would have been really fun if I can become a kid and start my learning over again in Eicher”.


“It was a very enriching experience. I wish I had such an experience during my school days”.


“Burden of study is simplified in a good manner”.


“It was a awesome experience where I felt that the commitment given during admissions is being fulfilled with innovation ways of learning”.


“In one word, I am feeling so blessed to admit my daughter here”.


“Programme was an eye opener for me. I have understood that how small things at home can really benefit a child in his behavior or for that matter in his academics too”.


“We didn’t think yet for their next 20 years, but you people did”.


“It was one day schooling for us”.


“By spending four to five hours in the classroom, I am sure that the future of our nation in safe hand”.


“We know learning is everywhere but how to translate that knowledge is a learning process”.


“My two kids learn in MVN and I felt I took right decision to admit my child here”.


“I am highly impressed to see and observe mythologies you are following to teach kids”.


“It is an awesome experience to see children not only dancing, jumping or swimming but actually seeing them learning out of it”.


“I experienced that my ward is getting full exposure towards modern day teaching and good ethics”.


“More of these activities should be organized to keep us in pace with the teaching style in school”.


“As we are avoiding competitions in Eicher . Kindly suggest us the measure to co-relate the child’s performance with the rest of the world."


“I somehow do not like “Rugs” idea. I think there will be lot of hygiene issue with removing and wearing shoes”.


“When the children watch some video, ask them to write in their words. May be a diary for parents”.


“I am not happy about the writing part. I feel children should be encouraged more to write”.


“Teachers should advise some activities like this to parent so that we are able to make them learn the same concept at home”.


“Swimming are of small kids should be covered as it is very hot outside”.


“It is very difficult to maintain discipline with activities based learning”.


“It would be a better idea if the sources of digital learning like CDs/ URLs are shared with parents”.


“It should be under one roof rather than the kids repeatedly doing the same activity”.


“Balance should be maintained between academics and experiential learning.


“For doing all these things, the time span of school is very less”.


“Some competitive exams in addition to fun learning should be conducted”.


“When you talk about change in learning process, please give a thought on evaluation process as well”.


“Transition to class III should be smooth and gradual”.


We, as a team once again thank all the parents for giving us their valuable time, support and suggestions to nurture our children in a better way. We both have to work hand in hand to build their future. So let’s strengthen our bond first to strengthen the bond with our children 




ananya singh manjushree
ananya singh manjushree
ananya singh manjushree
Parents Speak

Parents Speak
Parents Speak

Parents Speak
Parents Speak  Parents Speak



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