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Learning basic skills as are important as academics. In Eicher school, students go through a wide range of like skills so that they become independent and are prepared of any adverse situation. Right from hygiene to basic cooking , basic mending, ironing their school uniform to basic first aid  .....students go through a  gamut of such trainings in the course of the year. Needless to say , the young eicherites are always ready for the future.


SESSION 2018-19


Club VII
Self Grooming

Cleanliness & hygiene

Wearing a tie/Making plait

Table manners  : eating with spoon, knife and fork. How to take helpings

Etiquette : in school/ at parties / while boarding- de boarding buses/ at public places

Adolescent talk ( Ms Urvashi)

Basic Cooking

Breakfast: sandwich

Main course: any Dal and Rice

Dessert :fruit cream

Basic First Aid

Common Medical emergencies:

Treating bruises – falling from cycle / playing / running

Treating burn

Treating nose bleeding / headache / stomache

Ms Kiran and Class teacher)

Basic home cleaning

How to clean wooden furniture/ glass tops

How to use a broom and mop

Classroom /Home cleaning (Class Teacher)

Basic Clothes  Mending

Repairing buttons on Shirt / Top/ trousers/ kurti/ Folding  and ironing (Class Teacher)

Basic hem stitch

Gift Wrapping

A box (different sizes)(Class Teacher)


Self Grooming

Cleanliness & hygiene

Wearing a tie/Making plait

Table manners


Adolescent talk ( Ms Priyanka)

Basic Cooking

Main course :Making dough, chappati, any 1 vegetable ,

Dessert : any sweet dish without fire/ fruit cream / chocolate – biscuit pudding

Snacks: sandwich / boiled channa / corn / chaat ( healthy)

Basic First Aid

Bleeding wounds, Sprains, Burn, Fracture, Bites

Excessive vomiting / dirrohea

Basic home cleaning

How to clean fridge / electrical gadgets

Classroom/Home cleaning (Class Teacher):

Basic Clothes Mending

Basic hem & run stitch

Repairing a torn button on shirt / skirt / trouser(Class Teacher)

Ironing shirt / skirt / trousers

Gift Wrapping

A bottle /basket (Class Teacher)

Envelope and Potli making

Cycle Repair Cycle maintenance / tyre repair



Club IX

Understanding ATM cards

Writing Cheques

Cash Deposit slips

Withdrawal of money

Do’s and Don’ts while handling money  (Class Teacher)


 Motor mechanics:Checking coolant and changing tyre

Understanding the safety rules while driving(Mr Khalil and Class Teacher)

Basic Electrical repairs

Understanding the electrical box

Understanding the wires

Replacing a bulb and fixing it to its holder

Fixing wire/ wires to a plug

Fixing a switch

Replacing a blown fuse

Understanding the safety norms while working with electricity (Mr Gaur and Class Teacher)

Basic toilet repairs

Cleaning washroom/ bathroom (demo)

Repairing a leaking tap using m-seal

Checking the cistern

Keeping the toileteries properly in the wash room

Changing washers of tap (Mr Gaur and Class Teacher)

Self-Grooming Dressing up for different ocassions. Difference between casual and formal. Ironing of clothes. (Class Teacher)
Cooking and Garnishing

Breakfast – sandwich  ( without fire)

FullMeal :  rice / dal / raita(Class Teacher)

Dessert : cake / custard / pudding( without fire)

Basic mending


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