The Traffic Quiz is being organized by Traffic Police Haryana for students of classes III to XII. Please check the following PDF file for reference.

Class III - V - Level I

Class VI - VIII - Level II

Class IX - XII - Level III


 Palette Planet Zone, Class1,

             Eicher School,


 Activity 3

Date- 17th July  to 21st July


During the summer break children had researched and collected information pertaining to their ISA project topic. They brought in pictures of various things that are distinctive to different seasons in the three countries- India, Australia and Finland. Children collectively made a big collage of these pictures during ‘Palette Planet’ zone time. This has been displayed in their classroom for continued reference.

Activity 2- Presentation

Venue-Conference Room, Eicher School Faridabad

Date- 18th, 19th and 21st July


As a part of ISA project, children did a comparative study of seasons, festivals, clothing, folk tales etc of the three countries namely - India, Finland and Australia. Each child was  assigned a country as per their roll no. to explore and collect information about that country. To share their learning they prepared presentation on their respective country.

 They also dressed up in the costume specific to that country.

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