The school is pursuing regular national and international exchange programmes for teachers and students. These programmes are being pursued with USA, Canada and France.

Safety and security of children are given prime importance. To ensure safety of children in school buses, an escort teacher always travels with them to and from the school. The school also takes support from the parents in this initiative.

The child can claim credit points for any positive development (the teacher may have missed). Attributes of helpfulness, social responsibility and empathy will earn him credit points. If a child has done some community service, for instance teaching a poor child in the locality, planting a tree, has brought forth innovative ideas or has worked on improving his own performance, has been appreciated at any other forum outside school, he can claim recognition there of.

Children learn best through hands on experience and practical work, where most of their senses are engaged. The school has designed a curriculum with various experimental and experiential learning tasks, appropriate for every age and concept being done in the class.

Regular career counselling sessions are organised for the students of classes IX - XII. It is important to provide proper guidance and updates on the course options available and the various conventional and off beat careers in today's job market. Professionals are invited to conduct workshops and interact with our children for the same.

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