ISA 2017

Activity 4Visit to Local Market

Venue-HUDA Local Market, Sector 16, Faridabad

Date31st July, 2nd August, 3rd August, 4th August, 8th August

act4 market

Children visited the local market. They got to observe the various varieties of vegetables and fruits available during the season. They also visited the wholesale market side. Children noted how fruits and vegetables are brought to the market from the farmer and then get distributed to many vegetable vendors. 

Celebrating Seasons 

 Activity1 - Introduction

Venue- Palette Planet Zone, Class1,

             Eicher School,


Date- 24th April to 27th April 2017

 act1 flags

Introduction to the project was done by showing children videos on the three countries-India, Australia and Finland. They were also familiarized with the National flag of each country. To start them on this journey of exploring, children were divided into three teams. Each team then collaboratively made their country’s flag in ‘Palette Planet’ Zone.

Aavahan...A stepping stone to waste management

Mapping Activity along with recognition of flags....by S.St. teachers

Date- 29th July, 2017

 aah mapping

A mapping activity was conducted in all the sections of class V and VI. Students of class VI had brought A3/A4 size sheets with maps drawn on them. They were asked to mark the four countries India, Sweden, Singapore and Dubai along with the maps of these countries. Class V students did the same activity on printed maps.

Letter Writing Activity...by Language teachers

Date – 2nd August,2017 and 3rd August,2017

aah letter

The school is proposing to organise a “Bicycle Rally” as a part of ISA project. It will spread awareness about waste management among general public. The students of class V and VI were given a task to write letters to different top officials of the city. The students wrote letters to ‘The Police Commissioner’, ‘Deputy Commissioner’, ‘Area In-charge’ and ‘Traffic In-charge’ seeking for their approval for “Bicycle Rally”. Students learnt the format of ‘Formal letter’ writing in English as well as Hindi.


aah hhw


  1. Explore and make a scrapbook and a PPT on the information collected on the following topics. The scrapbook should be made attractive using relevant pictures.

Roll no.              Topic assigned

1 - 4                   Methods of waste management in Singapore.

5 – 8                  Methods of waste management in Dubai.

9 – 12                Methods of waste management in India.

13 – 16              Methods of waste management in Sweden.

17 - 20               Bio-degradable and Non-biodegradable wastes

  • Examples
  • Correct way to manage these wastes
  • Modern techniques to reduce the non biodegradable waste.


21 – 24               E-waste and clinical wastes

  • Examples
  • Creative way to reuse e-waste
  • Methods to manage hospital’s waste

25 onwards        Agricultural and chemical wastes

  • Examples
  • Correct way to manage these wastes
  • How to manage crop remaining after harvesting instead of burning to reduce smog formation?

  1. Innovative methods and alternatives adopted by you and your family for reducing wastes and your contributions towards waste management.


Students of class VI made very informative and appealing PPTs on different kinds of waste management in different countries. They shared their piece of research with their fellow friends.

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