Collage Making (Theme harvest festivals of India)

Venue- Collage boards/House boards in the corridor and classrooms of the Primary wing.

Date- 11th April to 24th April


Paragraph â€“ The students were informed and briefed about the collage making activity. House board incharges(comprising of teachers and students) were identified to coordinate the activity. The students researched the relevant information and made charts on the respective harvest festivals of India allocated to them. The house boards were very informatively and creatively decorated by the students.The harvest festivals allocated were as follows:

Aryabhatta House: Baisakhi

Bhaskar House: Makar Sankranti

Raman House: Onam

Ramanujan: Pongal  

The activity enhanced the students’ knowledge about the different Indian harvest festivals and the rituals associated with each of the assigned festival. The activity helped in bringing about the festive spirit of togetherness amongst the students.