Date- 19th May


The students of class III and IV celebrated the Harvest fest on 19th May, 2017. The fest showcased the harvest folk dance performances of the Indian states. The students performed folk dances from the state of Punjab, Assam, West Bengal and Kerala. The students also performed a thanksgiving song to represent USA’s Thanksgiving harvest festival. The programme ended with a student playing the tune of a Spanish song on the Synthesizer to represent the Spanish Harvest festival La Vendimia. The students were dressed up ethnically based on the class theme. They confidently spoke about the various harvest festivals. They also recited poems and sang songs on the same.      

In the classes the students relished the recipes of different harvest festivals. A dish card was prepared where in the student mentioned about the name of the dish, the state it belonged to, the main ingredients in the dish and the harvest festival it was associated with.