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December 2017

Inter House Quiz 

1st Position- Raman

2nd Position - Aryabhatta

3rd Position - Ramanujan


November 2017

Inter House English & Hindi Extempore

1st Position - Bhaskar

2nd Position - Aryabhatt, Raman & Ramanujan


October 2017

Inter House Computer Competion Cartoon Animation & Movie Making

1st Position- Raman

2nd Position - Bhaskar

3rd Position - Ramanujan

Inter House - House Boards

1st Position- Bhaskar

2nd Position- Ramanujan

3rd Position - Aryabhatt

August 2017

Inter House- House Boards

1st Posiiton - Bhaskar

2nd Position - Raman

3rd Position - Ramanujan

July 2017

Inter House News Reporting Competition

1st Position - Bhaskar Hosuse 

2nd Position - Aryabhatta & Raman

4th Position - Ramanujan


Inter House Poster Making Competition on 7th July 2017

1st Position - Aryabhatt & Bhaskar

2nd Position - Raman & Ramanujan





May 2017


House Boards for classes VII to XII for April-May 2017

1st Position – Aryabhatta

2nd Position – Bhaskar

3rd Position – Raman& Ramanujan 

Inter house Tribal Art Competition for classes VII & VIII was held on 12th May 2017

1st Position – Raman

2nd Position – Aryabhatta

3rd Position –Ramanujan

4th position – Bhaskar

Inter house Tribal Art Competition for classes IX & X was held on 12th May 2017

1st Position – Ramanujan

2nd Position – Aryabhatta

3rd Position – Bhaskar

4th position – Raman


Inter house swimming competition for classes III to VI was held on 6th of May 2017.

Students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal.

Results for the competition are as follows:-

Classes 5 and 6



1st position :-      Ratandeep Singh ( 6C) Aryabhatta house

2 nd position :-    Siddharth Uppal   (6D) Ramanujan house

3 rd position :-    Sarthak                   (5C) Bhaskar house



1st position :-    Priyanshi                (6D) Aryabhatta house

2nd position  :-  Sanjana                  (6B) Bhaskar house

3rd position  :-   Supriya Mishra      (5B) Bhaskar house


Classes 3 and 4


1st position  :-  Mayank Mehta      ( 3C) Raman house

2nd position :- R.Sachin                (3C) Ramanujan house

3rd Position  :- Pratyush Anand   (4C) Bhaskar house




1st position :- Srimoyi Das           (4D) Aryabhatta house

2nd position :- Chavi Mathur       (4B) Bhaskar house

3rd position :- Hiti Kohli              (4C) Raman house

                     Tamanna Gogoi    (4A) Bhaskar house


April 2017 

Best out of waste competition (III-VI)

Best out of waste competition for classes III-VI was held on 24th April 2017.Children made very beautiful and innovative things with simple waste products we have in our houses and just throw them thinking they are not of any use. It was a great learning for all and was fun too.

Following are the results :-


Ist position :- Avni Chaudhry  III-D

IInd position :- Aarav Sharma III-C

IIIrd position :- Shaurya Diwan III-B

IVth position :- Medha Medigeshi III-D

Vth position :- Baldeep Kaur   III-B


Ist position :- Noor Jawa IV-C

IInd position :- Sheryl Mathews IV-C

IIIrd position :- Akshit Bhargav IV-A

IVth position :- Divyansh Makharia IV-A

Vth position :- Kanak Rathor  IV-B


Ist position :- Divyanshu Paul  V-B

IInd position :- Varun Piplani  V-D

IIIrd position :- Nehal Sharma V-D

IVth position :- Samriddhi Chandra V-D

 Vth position :- Tahiti     V-C


Ist position :- Siddharth Luhania  VI-D

IInd position :- Mansha Mediratta  VI-B

IIIrd position :- Sanjana                  VI-B

IVth position :- Ruhi Diwan            VI-C

 Vth position :- Saiesha Barera      VI-C




Inter house Basketball tournament for classes IX & X was held on 15th April 2017


Girls                                                                             Boys


1st Position – Raman                                          1st Position – Raman


2nd Position – Bhaskar                                       2nd Position – Bhaskar


3rd Position – Aryabatta & Ramanujan              3rd Position – Aryabatta & Ramanujan


Inter House Swimming Competition for classes VII & VIII was held on 15th April 2017.




1st Position – Ramanujan


2nd Position – Aryabhatta


3rd Position – Bhaskar 


4th Position – Raman



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