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May 2017


Summer Camp was organised during the vacations from 18th May 2017 to 26th May 2017 for the Pre Primary kids. There were many fun filled activities e.g. swimming, skating, dancing. Children also enjoyed art and craft and science related experiments as per their age and understaning. Visit to the National Science Center was also planned to give them an all round exposure to various scientific facts.

Summer Camp ended in a jolly and cheerful mode where the children took a dip in the pool and danced to their heart content.

Seven Side Open Tournament of football was held at Air force ground from 1st to 3rd May 2017 organized by Azad Football Club. 

U-18 team of Eicher School, Faridabad bagged 1st position

U-14 team of Eicher School, Faridabad bagged the 2nd position

U-10 team of Eicher School, Faridabad qualified semi –finals. 

Rishabh Singh (U-18) won the Best Striker. 

Tejas Makkar (U-10) won the Best Goal Keeper. 

Altogether 80 students participated from our school in the tournament.


Essential Learning For Classes VII & VIII- Step 2

Timing 7.30 a.m. to 12 noon


DSC 5217

20th May 2017(Day1)


An English learning level II workshop was held in the MPH. Words often misused and misspelt were addressed. Activities were designed to their imaginations and expression. The workshop ended with some light and peppy English songs.


In the morning students participated in Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Yoga Sessions.

22nd May 2017(Day2)



Objective- To develop logical thinking ability

· 16 Sudoku Puzzle· Game of 8

· Logical Thinking 2(Unitary method & BODMAS)

· Objective- To


In the sports camp students participated in Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Yoga Sessions. They greatly enjoyed all the activities.

23rd May 2017(Day3)


In Science session students from different sections brought Science based activities. They demonstrated their exoeriments to students of other classes. Several questions were addressed based on the working of the experiments followed by a brain storming session.

The students who gave maximum answers and presented best activities were awarded.


The students of classes VII & VIII participated in sports session. Various games of basketball, volleyball & football were played and enjoyed by them. 

Mother's Day


Mother's Day was celebrated with a lot of joy and fervour in the Pre Primary segment on 13th May 2017. Mothers of Pr Nr and LKG were invited to spend some quality time with their kidoos while enjoying the rain dance and splash in the pool. The bond between the mother and he child comeout beautifully while they walked together confidently on the ramp. The celebratio  ended with the open discussion on parenting with the Principal, Ms Ritu Kohli. 

A workshop was conducted for class X on 12th May 2017 in the premises of Eicher School Faridabad, Topic of the workshop was “ Careers in Chemistry”. Its aim was to give students an insight into the possible career prospects if they choose chemistry as a subject for higher studies.


The workshop enriched the students about


  •       High profile jobs related to chemistry.


       Environmental Specialist


       Analytical chemist


      Food & Health inspector


      Forensic Expert


     Pharmacologist etc.


  •       Courses that prepare students for above careers like.








     Analytical Chemistry




    Organic Chemistry


    Analytical Chemistry


    Medicinal Chemistry


$1·   The Universties offering these programmes at respective colleges and UTD’s(University Teaching Deptt.).


Guidance was provided by Ms. Meenu Chopra and Ms. Jyoti Mendiratta




Leadership programme for class VI began on 11th May 2017. Workshops on Leadership Skills and Time Management was conducted. Students took part in the various activities and games based on the above workshops.




Healthy Friendship workshop conducted on 5th May 2017 by the conselors was a very interactive session. Students were enlightened about the traits of healthy relationship with their peers. They also got to know about what their fellow students thought about them as individuals.

worli art

An AV session of Indian tribal art was organized for classes VII to X on 5th May 2017. The focus was on Worli style of painting.



babar ali epaper hindustan faridabad live2-may2017


 Eicher School celebrated TED Ed Club Mid Presentation with Mr. Babar Ali, on the 1st of May, 2017.

Mr. Babar Ali, recognized by the BBC as the world's youngest headmaster started an outdoor school at the age of 9. When he traveled to his school that was 10 kms away and came back to see his friends working in the fields and not being able to study, he decided to teach the children of his village, and spent all his free time helping them to learn to read and write.
The programme began with a short documentary on Babar's life depicting the hardships and struggles faced by him during the initial years and the consequent achievements. He addressed the gathering and said that if we have courage, purity and honesty in our heart, nothing can stop us from doing good. This was followed by an interactive session with the students.
Principal Ms. Ritu Kohli said that she was proud to have such an eminent personality in the school and hoped that the children would be inspired by him and work selflessly for the betterment of society.

April 2017


leadership small

Leadership Training programme was organized in school from 27 April’17 to 29 April’17 44 students of class XI participated in the 2 night and  3 days camp. During camp young leaders underwent rigorous training and interactive workshops. These workshops and activities are sure to hone their leadership skills and encourage teamwork in a conducive environment.

The list of workshops along with the names of the resource persons are as follows:

1:  Leadership Qualities by Dr K.K. Sharma and Ms Rakhi

2: 7 Effective leadership Skills By Mr Aman Kohli, R.P. from TOI

3:  Personality development by Ms Maitryee and Ms Archana Sawhney

4. Adventurous Activities followed by introspection by Ms Priyanka Tripathi and Ms Urvashi Dua)

5. Time Management by Ms Malathy and Mr Nishant 

6. Conducive Environment by Ms Alka Sharma and Ms Sangeeta Sekhani


To celebrate the Earth day on 22nd April 2017, week long acivities were planned to sensitize the children to take care of their environment and mother Earth. The children watched a short film showing our Earth's atmosphere is depliting because of various pollutants. Teachers also discussed with them the ways to save our Earth from global warming. On 26th April a special assembly was conducted in which chidren showcased their understanding and for their mother Earth through a talk show. They also exhibited their concern and commitment towards this cause through a dance performance. A presentation on the initiatives taken by Eicher in this regard under the aegis "Aahvan" was also shown. The day ended with kids of classes Pre Nursery to I planting saplings.

World Heritage Day

On the occassion of World Heritage Day, the students of classes 6,7,8 and 9 attended a speical workshop conducted by Ms Jaya Nagar. The workshop showcased the various historical monuments,unique structure and environmental heritage of India. Students also learnt the multifarious art forms and handicrafts of the country. The workshop ended with the message to propogate and can serve the heritage of our nation.

world heritage day

Painting Competition

painitng competition s

Eicher School Faridbad won the second prize at Gita Bal Niketan, Sec 21 D in the Drwaing and Painting Competition.

Orientation Week 

Orientation programme began on 3rd April 2017 with the parents being welcome along with their children. A colourful array of balloons greeted everybody. After the registration process, the children were embraced with open arms and hearts by their respective teachers. Unlist the parents were addressed in the MPH by Ms. Meenakshi Jetley, Coordinator, Pre Primary wing, teh children were visited by their favourite cartoon character Chotah Bheem. The smiles on the children's faces was a treat to see. Screams of joy and awe filled the air. And no one could resist smiling from ear to ear when they slid down the Bouncy Castle. This was followed by a yummy licious lunch.

All in all a day well spent at the school a marvellous way to start the journey.

March 2017


essential learning1

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Camp for Essential learning tips in both scholastic & co-scholastic areas was orgainzed for classes III to VIII. The purpose was to impact basic tips for enhancing overall learning among the students. Keeping the fun element intact, kids enjoyed learning quick tips to improve their skills in both academis as well asfields like dance, music,art and sports.


 graduation day

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Graduation Ceremony  of class II was organied on 28th March, 2017. On this day, formed handing over of class II children to respective class III teachers was done. Each child was appreciated for his/her unique qualities. The programme ended with showers of blessings by the Principal, Co - ordinators, teachers and their parents.




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The camp started with great fervour on 20th March 2017. Students enjoyed thrilling games, interesting facilities and fun with water. This was followed by academic based activities - Spell Bee, Vedic Maths and Fun with Science.


Day and night camp was organized for class II on 17th & 18th March 2017. It is organized to help the children to cope up with the transition from the Pre Primary sement to Primary segment. Different funfilled activities were planned to help them become independent in various areas like packing their school bag according to the the time-table, changing clothes and taking responsibilities for their belongings. Children also participated enthusiastically in games to build up team-spirit and strengthen emotional bonding with their peer group. Children also attended a counselling sessions on 'Anger Management' which helped them reflect upon their behaviour. Parents were also invited on 18th morning to attend an orientation session with the co-ordinator of Primary wing Ms Rimmi Gupta.

annual 1to 2

Eicher School, Faridabad organized a mega show, ‘Awakening’ –The Hidden Treasure Within ,  to celebrate their Pre-Primary Annual Day on the 4th of March,2017.


The drama unfolded to show how we all have hidden treasures within us that are waiting to be discovered. A young bunch of kids helped  the incorrigible pirates unravel the goodness hidden with them. This spectacular show was put up by the students of classes I and II who  gave their performances with grace and got a huge round of applause from everyone.


Mr Arjun Joshi, Director Eicher Schools was the Guest of Honour  for the show. Principal Ms. Ritu Kohli addressed the august gathering and asked the parents to be companions to their children, find time to play a game , develop a sport and bond with them. Director  Eicher Schools, Mr. Arjun Joshi  said that every childmatters and every child is unique. We should nurture, protect and allow the children to grow. Never compare them.


The play successfully connected with the audience  who got into the characters themselves. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent. No effort was spared and the result spoke for itself.


annual prnr to ukg

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Eicher School, Faridabad organized a mega show, ‘The Little Prince…Renaissance of the Lost childhood’ , to celebrate their Pre-Primary Annual Day on the 2nd of March,2017.


The story aspired to celebrate the innocence of childhood, unsullied by the drab restrictions of the adult world. It was the story of an alien called Little Prince who landed on earth and observed how adults had narrow minded views, whereas children were imaginative, open minded and sensitive to the beauty and mysteries of the world. He compelled the protagonist to rediscover his lost childhood.


This wonderful show was put up by the students of classes pre-nursery, L KG and UKG who simultaneously mesmerized the audience with their performance. The impressive performance left the guests and audience spellbound.


Mrs. Bela Malhotra who is an active social worker and Mr. H.D.S Malhotra Chairman Eicher Schools were the Guests of Honour for the show.


Principal Ms. Ritu Kohli addressed the august gathering and said that parenting was a life-long task. She further asked the parents to make sacrifices for their children and never stop appreciating them. She requested the parents to give unconditional love to their children and spend quality time with them.


Chairman Eicher Schools, Mr. Malhotra said that the only reward we could offer the children was appreciation and encouragement.


The show turned out to be a big success with the sporting spirit of the little ones and cooperation. In a nutshell,  it was a spectacular display of talent.


February 2017


Hawan was organised for students appearing for board exams of classes X and XII on 28th Feb 2017.

Prayers of various religions were recited by the concerned teachers to bless the students. Principal Maam addressed the students with motivational words and tips for examination.



January 2017


football s

Modern School Sec-17,Faridabad organized MM Jain Memorial Football Tournament from 24th to 27th January 2017

Eicher School Faridabad team bagged the first position in the tournament.


December 2016

TEDx Eicher School speakers

bala thumb   shumbham thumb tedx event thumb
                Kabir Vajpeyi                                       Shubham Mehrortra                                Pictures of the Event

Christmas Celebrations at Eicher School, Faridabad

IMG 3590

Christmas Special Assembly  by II C

christmas assembly thumb



Vidya Mandir School, Faridabad organized SCI-SPECTACLE 6th Shri Hari Inter School Quiz & Tech Fair  on 17th December 2016. 

Congratulations!!!  Hridey Sabarwal and Harmeet Singh(class X) of our school  participated in an event “An Exhibition of Science Working Model”  and  won the BEST PRESENTATION AWARD.


Our school has been selected by NEETI AAYOG for setting up the ATAL TINKERING LAB, Out of 13005 schools across the nation only 257 have been selected.

November 2016


The children of class LKG Jasmine performed a dance drama based on a popular story line “Unity is Strength”. The children were enthusiastic and confident. They enacted and danced well. The assembly was well cheered and appreciated by all


Eicher School Faridabad has won the 1st position in District Level Raangi competition held by Balrang Festival and has qualified for State Level.





A Youtube video of Anil Bokil relating to demonitization titled "Man behind PM Modi's Decision to Ban 500/1000 Rs notes" was shared with  students of Economics of Class XI and XII on 15 Nov2016.



Students of classes 3D, 4A, 5A and 5C visited the Botanic Garden of Indian Republic,  Noida, today as part of their Project based learning task.They were fortunate to  interact with Her Excelleny, Princess of Thailand.. Sirinthorn at the garden. 
Their interaction with the Princess made the visit a memorable experience



Eicher School Faridabad hosted the TEDxEicherSchool event on the 19th of November, 2016 which was a part of TEDx Youth weekend, 2016, happening globally.


The 9 speakers for TEDxEicherSchool were from different parts of the country. They were experts in their field and spoke on multi-disciplinary subjects.


Ms Shubham Mehrotra,   founder and editor in chief of FSOG project and an alumnus of Eicher School, Faridabad spoke on sex education in India and why it is considered a taboo. She said that in order to educate and empower the youth, sex education is a must. Children must be made aware of a good touch and a bad touch. Anything related to sex must not be pushed under the carpet.


Mr G.K Swamy stressed on the fact that giving back to society did not always mean giving in terms of money. Spending time with people and caring for them was one of the many ways we could contribute.


Mr Shashi Bhushan   emphasized on the fact that our life should not be controlled by others. Mr Rahul Nainwal believed in unconditional money transfer. Mr Venkatesh founder Editor of Neta Deta asked people not to be judgemental and not to label others. He spoke about the power and perils of social networking and the importance of speech.


Mr Kabir Vajpeyi spoke about how to make school architecture more conducive to child development.


Ms Anju Musafir felt that each one us has the potential to bring about a change in the society. She spoke about how the present education system needs to radically change to make schooling meaningful.


Mr Parth Saxena felt the need to identify the child within us to bring out the best.


Mr Inan Gupta, a 17 year old boy studying at Eicher School, Faridabad was the youngest speaker of them all. Being a Green School reformer he spoke about students at Eicher working relentlessly on waste segregation, organic composting, planting oxygen generating plants and making the school a plastic free zone. He hoped these initiatives would bring about a positive change in the environment.


Director Eicher Schools Mr Arjun Joshi said that he was proud of Eicherites   who had contributed wholeheartedly to the society.


Principal Ms Ritu Kohli addressed the august gathering. She said that inspite of all the negativity around us, we still have a reason to believe in humanity as there is more light than dark, more hope than despair and more blossoms than thorns. She also said that for every frown and problems of the  adults there is a smile and solution from the youth.


We were fortunate to have these change makers of society as a part of our TEDxEicherSchool programme.




cdt1 thumb

Classes VII to X have done an activity on 

a) awareness of effects of fire crackers on human being & environment.

b) transition from Chinese to Indian Diwali.

Swachh Bharat Eicherites Pledge

pledge thumb

Students of Eicher School Faridabad Pledged to keep the country clean.


Haryana Progressive Schools Conference (H.P.S.C) and Dainik Jagran had jointly organized [Md/QanauYa” (Grand Finale of Art and Painting competition) on the occasion of Bal Divas on 14th November 2016 at Sports Stadium Sector 12, Faridabad.




Students Participated


Guru Nanak Jyanti

III to V

Srishti Singh (III)

Himanshi Conden(III)

Mehul Raj Garg(IV)

Vansh Chaprana(IV)

Sanjana Priyanaks(V)

Ojas Thakurela(V)

Haryana Swarn Jyanti Varsh


Saurav Mishra(VI)

Pryavaran Sanrakshan


Archie Khandelwal(XII)

Bhumika Hellan(XII)

Himani Nandwani(XII)

Dilpreet Kaur Taneja(XII)

Mehak Mourya(XII)

Aanchal Mishra(IX)


Guru Nanak Jyanti - Special Assembly

guru nanak jyanti thumb


A special assembly on 'Guru Nanak Jyanti' was presented by class I D on 11th November 2016.
Three teachings of Guru Nanak Devji were highlighted - hardwork, sharing and devotion towards GOD. Story of 'Bhai Lalod Maalik Bhago' was enacted. Children performed very well and were appreciated by all.


Children's Day Celebration

childrens day thumb

Children's Day is very special for any school. This year we entertained the Pre Primary children with performances by teachers on peppy children's songs. They were also given the information about Chacha Nehru, his profound love for children and his important role as the head of the country. The children enjoyed dancing with teachers to end the programme.


Evacuation Mock Drill at Eicher School, Faridabad





shakespear thumb1

Eicher School Faridabad celebrated“Inspiration 2016”to commemorate 400 years of Shakespeare on 4th & 5th November, 2016. On the first day, Soliloquy and Quiz Competitions were held. Out of 10 schools, 6 schools qualified for the Quiz and MVN Sec-17 bagged the Ist position followed by Eicher School, Faridabad. In the Soliloquy competition Aparna Mishra of MVN Sec-17 stood first followed by Vaishali Arora of Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood.

Dr. Swati Pal, officiating Principal of Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University and Ms. Manjhri Mitra, Managing Director, ELT at Collins were the judges for the event. They were enthralled by the performances and congratulated the students for their efforts.

On the second day, 12 schools participated in the Shakespearean Sonnet Recitation Competition. Vrinda from MVN Sec-17 and Muskan Malik from Alwar Public School bagged the 1st n 2nd position respectively. In the dramatization segment Eicher School Faridabad was declared the winner. The overall trophy was bagged by Eicher School Faridabad. But being the host school, the trophy has been passed on Alwar Public School, Alwar.

Ms Kavita Narang Senior English Teacher , Apeejay School Faridabad and Ms. Aditi Ray ,Managing Editor Ratnasagar Publications were the jydges for Sonnet recitation. Ms Reena Kachru Principal DAV School Balabhgarh and Dr.Swati Pal were the judges for  dramatisation. They thanked the Director Eicher Schools Mr Arjun Joshi and Principal Ms Ritu Kohli for organizing such an event in their school. Dr.Pal also interacted with the participants and enlightened them with the nuances of theatre.


October 2016


TEDx event at Eicher School, Faridabad


Eicher School, Faridabad organised  a viewing party of TED Women 2016, ‘It’s about time’ 


The main event was held at the Yerba Buena Centre, San Francisco from October 26-28 and our school was granted a license to livestream the event. One complete session with around seven speakers was broadcast with varied subjects like race and gender inequality, importance of relationship between time and memory, social impact on lactation, etc. The audience consisted of women achievers, parents and high school students. 


This event was unique as it was being video cast  across 300 locations in 70 countries and Eicher School had the privilege of being one of the first viewers. TEDWomen is  a three-day conference with events centered around highlighting the power of women and girls. It explores the conventions and challenges of time, highlighting the ability of women across all sections to be creators and change-makers.

The event started off with the Principal Ms. Ritu Kohli addressing the gathering. She spoke about the beauty of sharing, and the reason for introducing TEDx to Eicher School.



 Diwali Celebrations 

diwali 2016


The spirit of festive season and enthusiasm of children was evident throughout last week when various classes were engaged in Diwali preparations. The classes were decorated with vandanvars and rangoli all around in the Pre Primary segment a day before. The same continued today in the Diwali Mela organized for the Pre-Primary. The day started with Rangoli in various areas of the school by class II children. Laxmi poojan was performed during assembly time. Stalls were put up for various games and eatables for the children. The chaupal added ethnic flavor to the décor. The children came in traditional dresses and enjoyed dancing to the rhythmic tune of dandia music. Parents added flavor by sending party food. Children enjoyed and went back happy. Wishing Happy Diwali to one and all.


The students of Class XI bagged the 2nd position in Tech-Wiz Competition. 
The students of Class 6 & 7 bagged the 3rd position in Tech Business Competition. 
Both were held in MVN (Aravallis, FBD) on 22nd October, 2016. 




alwar oct2016

Our school has bagged the 1st prize in Inter School Band Fusion Competition held at Alwar Public School on 21st October, 2016. 

Lion's Birthday Party

animal party thumb 

Pre Nursery and LKG classes celebrated Lion's Birthday Party on 6th October 2016. All the children came to school wearing animal costumes. The costumes were creatively and innovatively designed by their parents which was worth appreciating. Many of them used face paints which made them look like real cute animals. While they were enjoying their party a teacher dressed up as a lion, suddenly entered the party venue. Children shouted with thrill and excitement and at the same time their hearts pounded with fear to look at the lion. To continue the fun, few other teachers enacted on the famous song "Mere paas aao mere dosto......" .  The fun and frolic went all over the day with children enjoying on the bouncy, dancing with the lion and relishing lion's birthday cake, party food. The day ended with lion giving them return gifts which made their day.


Dussehra Celebrations - Special Assembly by I-C

dusshera thumb  dusshera thumb video

Click for more pics                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Dussehra Special Assembly was conducted by class I-C on 7th Oct 2016. Children depicted the Ramayan with the message that we all need to learn values of ideal living from the characters of the story.

Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan


To mark the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan was organised by the Municipal Corporation Faridabad on Sunday, 2nd October, 2016. Eicher School was selected for the same. Students and teachers of Eicher School participated whole-heartedly in the event, taking out a rally which commenced at Community Centre, Sector 21-C Faridabad and marched upto Eicher School.

This cleanliness drive was conducted to sensitize the people and bring about a general awareness in them regarding sanitation and hygiene and was inaugurated by the Commissioner M.C.F Ms. Sonal Goyal and Joint Commisioner M.C. F Mr. Kaliramana.

The Principal Eicher School , Ms Ritu Kohli strongly believes that this positve attitude would help in making the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan movement a success in the city.



September 2016


2e speciaal

Special Assembly of class II E  was conducted on 30th September 2016. Topic was "Gandhi Jayanti". Students showed the life of Gandhiji from freedom struggle till his death. Satyagraha, Non-Co-operation and Quit India movement was clearly depicted by the students.

parent appreciation1

Pearl Academy Conducted a counselling session for classe XI & XII on 29th September 2016. Ms Preeti Srivastav shared vital information regarding the following career options.

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Styling
  • Product Design
  • Communication design
  • Graphics
  • Fashion Lifestyle Business Management
  • Sports Management
  • Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Global Luxury Brand Management

UKG A Speical Assembly


ukgA thumb
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  ukga youtube
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Special Assembly of class UKG -A(Hibiscus) was conducted on 21st September 2016. Topic was Pinnochio. All students were confident and their performance was praise worthy.


UKG B Special Assembly

ukgb thumb
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  ukgb thumb youtube
Youtube Video Link

Special Assembly of Class UKG B was conducted on 20th September 2016. Topic was "Snow White and Seven dwarfs". All students showed great enthusiasm and confidence.




This festival symobolises” sacrifice “. The kids of class II - D performed a small skit in which they were shown giving away their cherished possession as gifts to their friends. This was followed by a dance number. The performance was appreciated by all.


eicher change maker day 6sep2016

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In order to inculcate skills of effective change in our students , Eicher School, Faridabad organize a symposium _”We the change a launch pad to engage students in social transformation ,in collaboration with Ashoka Youth  Ventures and Hexis Education. The occasion was graced by the presence of a host of dignitaries who shared their contributions to the society and motivated the young audience to be the change that they want to see. The dignitaries included Mr Anshu Gupta, founder of GOONJ and recipient Ramon Magsaysay Award, Dr Dheeraj  Mehrotra, vice president of Next Education India pvt. Ltd and recipient of the national teacher award, Mr Sashi Kumar Velath, Managing Director of Ashoka Youth Ventures, Mr  Giridhar Gopal Das, MD of Hexis Education.


The other change makers present at the event were Retd. Major General Datt who is engaged with Prakash Deep School for under privileged children, Mr. P P Singh, founder of the organization ‘I love my city’, Ms Monica Malhotra, president of the Human Kind Foundation, Mr Ajay Chawla, the team initiator of Khushi – Ek ehsaas, Ms. Vidhu Grover, founder principal of Asha Jyoti Vidya Peeth and Director of Education, Prayas Welfare Association. Also present were principals, teachers and students from eminent schools of Delhi and NCR, who shared their change making activities and pledged to create a world better rooted in love, sensitivity and compassion.



Paridhi Verma of Class IX-B of our school participated in Smt. Rajeswari Paul Memorial Inter school Art Competiton held at Apeejay Svr'an Global School. She has secured the 3rd Position. 

August 2016  

footballmatch dps1

Our Under 17 years boys football team bagged 1st position in Inter School District tournament, held at Delhi Public School Faridabad from 24th August to 26th August 2016

football match dps21
Our Under 14 years girls football team bagged 1st position in Inter School District tournament held at Delhi Public School Faridabad



A workshop was organised by The Hindustan Times for Classes XI and XII regarding the tips to 'Crack the Board'. Another workshop was conducted for Classes IX and X on 'Dosti with Maths'. 


investiture thumb

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Investiture Ceremony for the session 2016-17 was organised in Eicher School. This ceremony gave recognition to the newly elected cabinet. The ceremony promotes leadership skills and enables the children to accomplish the duties and responsibilities more effectively. 


Parth, Chirag and Pranavjeet won the 2nd Prize in Website Designing organised by Techxplore in Manav Rachna Sector-14, Faridabad 


Hridey, Harmeet, Chirag and Akshat won the 2nd prize in Open Innovation Challenge by Techxplore in Manav Rachna Sector-14,Faridabad 



DSC 8731 thumb

EICHER School Faridabad celebrated 70th Independence Day with great fervour. Students presented a plethora of patriotic events- dance, song, street play, skit etc. Principal Ma'am shared her vision to contribute to cleaner and greener India. 

 Inter School Competition “Embracing Growth and Change” was organized  by Manav Rachna International School, Gurgaon on 11th August 2016.

Aarushi, Ingita and Sajeev of class IX of our school bagged 2nd prize in the event.

 Anmol and Vivek of class VIII won 2nd prize in ‘Environmental Engineers’ an inter school competition organized by Manav Rachna International School, Gurgaon on 11th August 2016

 District Swimming Championship was held at Aravali international school Sec -43, Faridabad on 4th & 5th August 2016. 

Our school bagged overall championship Trophy. 

Three students won best swimmer trophy in their respective age groups 

Shrimohi Das - Group 5 

Mayank Yadav-Group 3

Devanshi Satija- Group 2
Eicher school won total 62 medals

 Madhav Dutt of our school has been selected for internship in Harvard University. He is presently pursuing B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur. 

basketball news





Career Counselling workshop on “Career in Chartered Accountancy” was organized  for students of classes XI & XII on 3rd August 2016. Resource persons were CA Tarun Aggarwal and CA Kapil Garg.


Eicher school participated in Inter School Block Tournament and the following teams qualified for district tournament.

Football Boys : U-14, U-17, U -19

                Girls U -14, U -17

Basket Ball – Boys : U -17, U-19

Volley Ball – Girls: U-17

Badminton – Boys – U-14

                          Girls – U-14


July 2016

Inter School Eicher Meet was held at Eicher School, Parwanoo on 30th July 2016.

 Jasleen bagged the second prize in Kareoke.

Gargi bagged the third prize in classical song.

physics workshop

Physics workshop was conducted in the school on 30/7/16 by Ms.  Pragya Rupani who is Co ordinator of BVN ANVESHIKA  IAPT and PGT in BVN and Ms. Vandana who is another member of ANVESHIKA. A lot of activities were conducted on electricity, light and magnetism. Based on topics of reflection, refraction, series and parallel of resistances total internal reflection, electric field and diffraction and many more activities were conducted. Our students participation was praiseworthy. They answered many questions and cleared their doubts based on their activities. Resource persons also responded well and cleared all doubts. 
Overall it was a workshop full of learning and fun for children.


Career Counselling workshop was held for classes XI & XII by Kaasier Australian Consultancy on 28th July 2016. They appraised the students about higher education in Australia, they gave information about the admissions, visas, scholarship. Students had lot of queries regarding foreign admission which was answered by Mr. Kapil Chandok, the head of consultancy himself.

A feather to our cap 


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Our students Arshleen Sodhi(Class VIII), Abhipriy Burman (Class XII)  and Yagansh Nassa (Class XII) participated in " Eloquence : A literary fiesta :, a competition organised in KR Manglam World School on 29th July 2016. Tramedy & Hot Pursuit at K.R. Manglam School. Our boys Abhipriy & Yagansh bagged the 2nd prize in Hot Pursuit.   Arshleen participated in Tramedy. Eicher won the overall trophy. Kudos Children!!


Ms Dolly Hora and Ms Jaya Balan participated in teacher’s presentation on “Innovative methods of teaching Mathematics” held in Apeejay Saket on 29th July 2016. Their presentation was appreciated by the judges and was among the best 5 out of 19 presentations. It was a learning to exchange innovative ideas with all teachers from other schools.

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Group Discussion session for class (XII) students was held at Eicher School on 29th July 2016 by Ms Stuti & Ms Kanupriya from Manav Rachna University

 cyber crime

Internet Safety Awareness workshop was conducted by ‘TEEN JAGO” for classes IX to XII. It was to make students aware about cyber rules and cybercrimes.

 road safety

Eicher School Faridabad, organized ‘ONE LIFE’ Road Safety awareness on 29th July 2016. A team of police officials, panel advocate & para legal volunteer visited our school. The team imparted awareness about the road safety, safe driving behavior, need to obey road sign and all other traffic rules.



book review


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Classes V and VI had a book review competition on 19th July, 2016.  Students participated with full enthusiasm and gave a good competition to each other.
They were judged on the basis of content, confidence, Speech clarity, presentation and fluency.
Class V
1st           Rishita Ojha VB
2nd          Dhriti Mudigeshi V A
3rd           Aditya panchal VA, Harshita Pahwa VB,
4th           Anushka Goel V A, Tanisha Singh V D
5th                 Pradyun Gupta V A, Satyam Wadhwa V B

Class VI
1st           Astha singh VI C
2nd          Samidha jha VI B, Harshita Tiwari VI D
3rd           Kriti Kaushesh VI B, Sharwani Sharma VI C
4th           Abir Cornelius VI B
5th           Baladitya Sharma VI B

Results of book review competition held on 26th July for classes III & IV
Class III
1st           Anmol singh III B

2nd          Yogyata Batra III B

3rd           Jia Madan III B and Aiysha Sharma III B

4th           Noor Jawa III C and Shreyl Mathews III C

5th           Shambhavi Garg III D  and Hiti Kohli III C

Class IV

1st           Somil Krishna IV D
2nd          Kamakshi Agiwal IV B

3rd           Shreyl Singh IV D and Kangana Khera IV B
4th           Riddhima Kaushik IV A
5th           Gunika Bakshi IV D, Vansh Pujara IV C and Siddhi Verma IV A


Holistic development of children can be possible with whole brain teaching 


Eicher School Faridabad organized a workshop on 22nd July, 2016. The Topic was “Empowered Educators are Whole Brain Leaders”. Karen Hodges & Liesl Schoowinkel were the resource persons.

About 30 teachers from various schools of NCR attended the workshop. All the teachers appeared for an online NBI test.  A detailed report on the whole brain functioning was generated and mailed to all the participants.

This workshop gave an insight to the participants ‘who/what they are’. It was indeed  great learning for all the teachers that every single person is a part of a network. In the class, teacher holds the string of the network. The teacher should not label any child.

It was a platform to learn the characteristics of the four Quadrant of brain(L-1, L-2, R-1,R-2). The participants were empowered to deal with students with different thinking preferences. !A very interactive session indeed! Ms. Ritu Kohli, Principal Eicher School Faridabad shared that “Whole Brain Teaching” practice will be adopted for the holistic development of every child.

Dr Shankar Goenka Country head is the first person to bring “ Whole Brain Teaching” in our country.


Poster making competition was held for classes III to VI on 12th July 2016.

Theme: Blood Donation

poster donate blood


Class III

1st – Kanak Rathore(III- B)

2nd - Anmol Singh (III- B)

3rd – Krishna (III- C)

Class IV

1st Bhavika (IV A)

2nd Vansh Chaprana(IV D)

3rd Bhavya Taneja(IV D)

4th Soumil(IV D)

Class V

1st – Rishima(V B)

2nd Ruhi Diwan(V C)

3rd Shreyashi Das(V C)

Class VI

1st Shivanjali (VI A)

2nd Tanisha Gupta(VI B)

3rd  Diya Bhardwaj(VI D)

G. K Quiz competition for classes III to VI was held in the primary wing on 13th and 14th July .Students were well prepared and gave the answers promptly.    

Class III had a class wise competition on 13th July,   III C stood first, III B and III D were second. Third position was bagged by class III A.                                                           

Classes IV, V, VI had a house wise competition on 14th July          

1st position -   Aryabhatta House

 2nd position  - Ramanujan House        

 3rd position -  Raman House

4th position  -  Bhaskar House.                         

Participants of the winning team are.    

Anshita Kumar IV A, Diksha Sharma IV D, Nehal Sharma  IV D, Kuvlaya Arora IV D, Shreem Bhardwaj V B, Saiesha Barera V C, Pradyun Gupta V A, Prajna V D,  Arunima singh VI A, Abir VI B, Pratham Madan VI A, Astha singh VI C




discovery colours
Children of LKG are learning about colours. They mixed colours and were very delighted to find that they formed new colours. Painting on easels gave them freedom to work in groups.


Open Swimming Championship held at Bangalore from 2nd to 6th July.

In sub junior category our 2 students participated Samridha Varmani (VII), Harshita Sharma(VI)

 June 2016

Youth State Basket Ball Tournament held at DPS Sec -19 from 3rd to 5th June. 

Twikle Pannu & Kashish Grover of Class XII bagged 3rd position.



The team from Eicher School went to study the education model being followed at Green School, Bali. They had the occasion to meet some of the best educators and passionate teachers from various countries who work in the Green School. The purpose of the visit was to let our children, teachers and parents benefit from some of the best practises in the world.

The Green School is run under the leadership of John Hardy. It came into being when one person decided to rework the schooling model, so as to rewire the experiences of a child. The school appears to be providing the child with a different learning environment, one that ensures internal motivation in the learner. John Hardy’s fight is against the inorganic way most of the education systems work. Through his philosophy, he is asking us to relook at what how our kids are growing up.

The four day educator course included staying at the school campus, studying the curriculum in detail, interacting with the teachers and students and participating in the school activities.



May 2016  

State level Football Tournament organized by Sports Authority of India held at Gurgaon on 27th & 28th May.


Our students participated in the tournament Saksham Selly (Class X), Rishabh Khatana(Class X), Vishwas Rakheja(Class XI), Yogyansh (Class XI)


Class X 2016 CGPA 10





At Eicher we believe in inculcating leadership skills in our students so that they are well equipped to take up the challenges of life. Our prefects programme 2016-17 is a significant step in this direction. This year the camp was organised at Mussoori from 21st May to 24th MAY, 2016 to put the young budding leaders into rigorous training. This was done by way of various confidence building drills such as river crossing, rappelling and natural Rock climbing activities which helped in developing many leadership qualities like self-confidence, self-reliance, survival in difficult situations, decision making, team work, respect to each other etc.


The most exciting activity was going down 846ft on foot, crossing two villages in 3 hours.  Our final destination was Aglad river which was the most exciting place to visit. On the way back children cooked food in a traditional way, pitched tents and enjoyed the flora and fauna of the place.


A team of dedicated teachers (Ms Poonam Banga, Mr Deepak Verma, Mr Swaminathan, Mr Sandeep Bakshi, Ms Lalita bhardwaj) was there to support children24*7. Workshop on Trust building was conducted by  Mr Sandeep Bakshi. Counselling was done by   Ms Poonam Banga , Ms Lalita Bhardwaj and Mr Deepak Verma . These workshop were very informative.  The students enjoyed the Mall Road.


On the whole the leadership camp was a complete and a great package of adventure learning, knowing one another and most importantly forming a team which will no doubt take EICHER SCHOOL to great heights.





complete result2015-16-96





press 2016

 Eicher School organised an Interaction of the CBSE class XII toppers with the media on May 26, 2016. Renowned reporters from the city were present there. They asked the students various questions pertaining to their hardwork and success. Our district topper, Diksha Pandey shared that it is a gratifying feeling that her hardwork has borne fruit. She feels that sports and physical activities play an important role in refreshing the mind to concentrate on the studies and build the stamina. Charumitra feels delighted that she has been able to satisfy the hopes of her parents and teachers. Ayushi feels great that everyone looks up to her. Nandini feels that the individual attention during classes, winter camp and regular revision tests and evaluations plays an important role in their success.The girls shared that the continuous support from the principal , teachers and their parents enabled them to achieve the milestone.






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Eicher School conducted a Summer Camp for children between the ages 3 and 10 from 16th to 27th May. We got an overwhelming response from the children this year. The number increased to almost double.

Summer is the right time to indulge in exciting activities that has elements of learning and fun. Children are out of the bonds of a fixed time table and regular class work. The school organized activities that ensure that children get an opportunity to learn through fun games of their choice.

The programmes for children included swimming, skating, Rhythmic Squad for dance freaks, Budding Picassos learnt drawing, everyday science experiments were tried by Little Einsteins, the Aryabhattas tried their hands on making Maths easy through fun activities.    

Art activities include training children in drawing and colouring techniques, clay modeling, and craft work with ice cream sticks, worli paintings, and origami.

The Little Einstein group did experiments that included the following- static electricity, fundamentals of evaporation,buoyancy, science behind cooking dhoklas and setting curd, salad making with sprouts,carbonation, spinning colours, telephone without electricity, invisible letter, mechanics, etc.

Aryabhatta activities included learning tables in a rhythmic way using fingers, pebbles, sticks, and other interesting aids, tan grams making different figures, formation of largest and smallest numbers using number dice, addition and subtraction using 3 dice and making cubes using straws.

The children enjoyed the camp all these days. Not to forget the Party Time on the last day, with variety of food on everyone’s platter, followed by music and dance. Thank you children and parents for making it a success.



media literary

A workshop on Media Literacy was conducted on 17th May 2016 in Eicher School, Faridabad by our peer moderators Diksha and Pranjal (class XI) and Swastika and Ingita (Class IX). Ritika and Garima of class XI volunteered in the workshop. The session was facilitated by Dr. Pallavi Sharma, psychologist, Fortis Hospital and the school counselors Ms. Priyanka Tripathi and Dr. Urvashi Dua.

Students of class XI were the participants of the workshop. The purpose was to make them analyze, evaluate and deconstruct the message that is conveyed by different forms of media.
The session was fruitful as the participants reported to have enjoyed and learnt from the session.

 Chidren’s Village – Sanjoipuram Children’s Village



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 Students of class IX and the social responsibility team of Eicher School ( Ms. Shayista & Ms. Salees) visited an orphanage Sanjoipuram Children’s Village.

 The team collected materials from class VI, IX, XI and XII and donated there. About 100 girls are living there in the orphanage. Some of them are physically handicapped, mentally challenged, deaf and blind.

 Our children also performed cultural activities and sang some songs there. The students and toffees, biscuits and chips with all the kids. It was really a great experiential learning for our students. 




 ‘Small Steps Leading to

Big Change’


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AAHVAAN is an environmental initiative being spearheaded by Eicher School, Faridabad. The project kick started in November 2015, with the conception of the idea that children across schools have the power within them to bring about change. It is a call to all the young people of the city to initiate good environmental practices. It involves students understanding the present state of affairs of their schools and homes, and then imagining how things could change for the better and consequently modifying their own habits and also influencing society in the process.

Schools were called upon to choose any of the five elements of nature ( Panch Tatva) - land, fire, water, air and ether as their area of work.

10 schools participated in the event, making it a unique gathering. Participating schools were DPS Sector 19, Sriram Millennium, Dynasty International, Ashok Memorial, St. Anthony’s, Vidya Mandir, St. John’s, D.C. Model, Eicher School Parwanoo and Eicher School Faridabad. For six months each of them worked on projects of their choice. The projects included waste segregation in their schools and homes, composting, paper recycling, growing organic gardens, up cycling projects, reducing paper usage, and many more such endeavors.

On May 13th, Eicher School hosted the Appreciation Day of PROJECT AAHVAAN. All participating schools presented their projects before a panel of environmentalists. Students spoke about their achievements and challenges and also got to learn from each other.

The panel members included Ms. Prarthana Borah, India Director, Clean Air Asia; Ms. Monica Malhotra, founder, Human Kind Foundation; Ms.Rozita Singh, Research Associate TERI and Ms.Namita Sharma, Research Associate, TERI.

The Guests of Honour were Dr. Ram Boojh, Programme Specialist for Environmental Sciences, UNESCO and Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sinha, Managing Director, CSR, Sustainability and Human Rights.

The students at Eicher School Faridabad worked relentlessly on waste segregation, organic composting, planting oxygen generating plants and making the school a plastic free zone. Our project included all the five elements.We hope our initiatives can bring about a positive change in the environment.




Sanjukta Das (XI C) bagged the first position in    


Solo Dance Competition held at


Satyug Darshan School on 13th May 2016 






It was a new and fun filled experience for Pre Nursery moms on Mother’s Day this year. They spent the day with their children in the school. The day started with the Principal’s address. The moms then joined their children for some water activities in the pool. This was followed by story telling session and puppet making. The mothers formed groups to tell interesting stories over Pizza Party. The day ended on the dance floor with foot tapping tunes.


Mind Mingle organised a workshop on Ed-Talks---Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls on the 30th April and 1st May, 2016 at Scope Convention Centre, New Delhi. It was a two day event where eminent speakers shared their experiences in the field of education. Rimmi Gupta, Salees Mathew and Archana Kaul from Eicher School Faridabad attended the same.


April 2016 



The final football match of class VI was held on Wednesday, 4th May 2016.

Raman house bagged the first position.

It was an enthusiastic and interesting event. Students and their house teachers bucked up their respective house teams and applauded for them.



Inter house Final Volleyball match  for girls of Classes VII & VIII was held onWednesday, 4th May 2016.

Aryabhatta bagged the first position.


Inter House Final Basketball match for boys of classes VII & VIII was held on Wednesday, 4th May 2016.


There is a tie at the first position Aryabhatta and Bhaskar house 


Results of House Boards classes III- VI :


Topic - Famous poets and writers of India
1st - Bhaskar house
2nd  - Aryabhatta
3rd -Raman
4th- Ramanujan


Results of Best out of Waste Competition held on 26th April 2016
Class 3
1st  Kripa Darshana  3C
2nd  Gayatri     3B
3rd  Shriya Shaji 3D and Prachi Gulati 3D

Class 4
1st Yashvi Goel 4C
2nd Siddhant Choudhary 4C
3rd Arnav Bhanoth 4A

Class 5
1st Sanjana Priyanga 5B
2nd Mishti Bist 5D and Hardik Sharma 5B
3rd Abhilasha Choudhry 5C  , Anand Tuli 5B. ,Vikrant Rastogi 5A

Class 6
1st Kriti Kaushesh 6B
2nd Baladitya sharma 6B
3rd Priyal Sharma 6C and Sachi Verma 6A



Twenty five students of Class XII appeared for JEE Mains 2016. Seven students out of them - Rishabh Aggarwal, Vaibhav Goel, Eklavya, Abhishek, Animesh, Rishabh Jain & Anubhav) have passed this examination.




virendra collage

Shri Virendra Rawat, the Green School crusader based in Ahmedabad visited the school on28th May 2016 with a message of adopting an environment friendly life.He is working towards transforming conventional schools into Green Schools, across India. Shri.Rawat is the first Indian to be honoured by the House of Representatives of Massachusetts at Boston University, USA for making a green difference in India.



He addressed students from class 3 to class 12 during the morning assembly.He believes that children should be taught to connect with nature before they are told to save the environment. He shared his experiences of integrating good environmental practices in schools. Shri Rawat called upon students to take an active part in optimising resources and initiating change.


earth day

On 22nd April, Pre Primary had a busy day with Save the Earth activities. All students watched a video on the importance of optimum use of resources. Class 2 had a class discussion on the same topic.They also have dug two pits in the garden and place biodegradable waste in one and non bio degradable waste in the other. They will now revisit the pits after 15 days to check the degradation. Children of Class 1 made bird feeders and had them kept at various places in the kitchen garden. They are now bringing grains regularly to feed the birds. LKG made earth day related drawings.


house meet2016

The primary wing had its house meet on 12th April. All the students were seated house wise and told about the activities which will be held throughout the year. They were filled with zeal to work to the best of their capability to win appreciation for their houses. 




Class 3 students were given a warm welcome to Primary wing with prayers and kumkum-mouli ritual on 11th April. A special assembly was conducted for the same where in the Academice Co-ordinator Ms Rimmi Gupta recited many shlokas and prayers for them. 

orientation 2016

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The new children were brought into the Eicher family through a four day orientation programme  from 5th April to 8th April 2016. We saw well settled children who enjoyed meeting their favourite cartoon characters, Doremon and Chotta Bheem. They had fun on the bouncy, saw a magic show, went on horse rides, enjoyed the splash pool, ate candy floss and pop corn and were served nutritious food on all the days.


 transition camp

The school organised a transition camp for the children going from class 5 to class 6 on 28th and 29th of March. We had lots of interesting activities like adventure sports, creative hour, workshops, class presentations, yoga and meditation, sports activities, for the participants. We also had sessions by our counsellors as well as Principal ma’am on gender education.





The Pre Primary Wing held its Annual Appreciation Days on 2nd and 3rd April 2016.


On 2nd April, Class II had its Graduation Day. A musical play ‘Kranti ki Guhar’ was staged by children of Class II. The play depicted how our beautiful planet was being continuously depleted of its resources without any thought given to its fragile nature. The play showed how man is suffering and no longer able to see the beauty of our planet. It goes on to tell how children of today are sensitive to the fact that they need to do their bit to protect the environment. They tell the audience to reflect on their lifestyle and also demonstrate how they have made their choices. They showcase Project Aahvaan, through which they have banned the use of thermocol, plastic and aluminium foils. Children practise recycling and reuse of resources in school.


 Powerful dialogue delivery, rhythmic dance movements and a lively stage setting made the show a stupendous success. It was an entertainer with a message that struck a chord in every heart.


Dr. Aditya Dahiya( IAS) ,Commissioner Municipal Corporation cum ADC, Faridabad was the Chief Guest. His message that parents should raise children to be good human beings and children should develop a sport apart from academics, was well received by the audience.


Continuing with the tradition of appreciating every child for his strengths, trophies were presented. The unique personality traits of the child were read out as he/she went up to the stage to receive the trophy.


Pre Nursery, LKG,UKG and Class I presented ‘Field Extravaganza’ on the 3rd of April. Peppy field drills, story based races and appreciation of all children marked a bright and colourful morning. Dr. Malathy Chandra, senior faculty was the Chief Guest. Dr. Hamza Shaikh and Dr. Ravikant Kaushik, the   Medical alumni of Eicher School were the Guests of Honour.




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Grandparent’s day was celebrated with great fervour with around 600 grandparents present. They spent the day with their grand children creating toys with discarded, reusable material and also dancing to music. Snacks and coffee was served.

 The message conveyed by the Principal that grandparents play a very important role in the lives of children and that it is important to take care of their physical and emotional health, was well received.

It was heartening to see them spending quality time creating decorative material, dolls, wall hangings and flower vases using discarded material. The message we wanted to convey to children was that time could be spent making new things with grandpa and grandma instead of spending time in front of the TV. 

The highlight of the whole programme was that children had worked hard to decorate bags that were made from discarded kurtas/shirts of their grandparents. It was a very exhilarating moment when kids gifted the bags to their grandparents.

Feed back by parents after the GP Day. 

gp day feedback







A Youtube video of Anil Bokil relating to demonitization titled "Man behind PM Modi's Decision to Ban 500/1000 Rs notes" was shared with  students of Economics of Class XI and XII on 15 Nov2016.



Leadership Training programme was organized in school from 27 April’17 to 29April’17 44 students of class XI participated in the 2 night and  3days camp. During camp young leaders underwent rigorous training and interactive workshops. These workshops and activities are sure to hone their leadership skills and encourage teamwork in a conducive environment.


The list of workshops along with the names of the resource persons are as follows:

1:  Leadership Qualities by Dr K.K. Sharma and Ms Rakhi

2: 7 Effective leadership Skills By Mr Aman Kohli, R.P. from TOI

 3:  Personality development by Ms Maitryee and Ms Archana Sawhney

4. Adventurous Activities followed by introspection by Ms Priyanka Tripathi and Ms Urvashi Dua)

5. Time Management by Ms Malathy and Mr Nishant

6.Conducive Environment by Ms Alka Sharma and Ms Sangeeta Sekhani

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