Beyond Curriculum

Enterpreneurship Programs

We live in a world in which the future is uncertain. So students need skills that will allow them to make their own way. We can't predict the job market and economy our students will enter. Therefore, we really can’t predict what content our students need in order to be successful after they leave our schools. We know without a doubt, though, that our students need skills that will allow them to navigate uncertain waters and chart their own paths. Keeping this in mind the entrepreneurship programme has been started in our school. This programme, which runs across classes 3 to 10, will equip students to seek out problem-solving opportunities, think creatively, and take risks. In the programme students will unanimously decide upon an item / product ranging from handkerchiefs, to mobile covers, coasters, table mats…..etc, design it, make it in the course of the year and sell it in an exhibition cum sale organised by school. This will give them the feel of creating and then selling their own products