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   Our Campus

The school has an academic and sports programme designed on the latest pedagogical methods and training programmes. With qualified teachers, trained coaches and instructors, we aim at promoting excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities.
The school has a sprawling campus with an infrastructure at par with international standards. Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest multimedia hardware, well-equipped Science laboratories, dedicated laboratories for computers, Mathematics & languages, an auditorium, activity rooms, AV rooms and an elaborate sports infrastructure, all ensure that every child will have the best facilities to support the academic programme.
The detailed list of facilities provided is as follows:


Keeping in mind that children have multiple intelligences and that learning is diverse and dynamic, different zones have been designed. This is to let children get into different learning environments where the aim is to cater to the individual needs of every child and not treat them as a homogeneous group.

  •  The AUDIO VISUAL ZONE (DIGITAL HIDEOUT) is equipped with interactive boards. This facilitates the use of audio visual aids with the children in the classrooms. Children are able to view digital lessons and home production videos prepared by teachers. For instance, visuals and sounds of the ocean and waterfall are experienced by the children in the classroom.
  • The NUMERACY ZONE (NUMBER NINJAS) has teaching learning material that includes Jodo Gyan , beads, coloured pebbles and number cards to ensure activity based appreciation of numbers. Number concepts are taught using concrete objects thereby converting symbols into reality.

  •  The LANGUAGE ZONE (TREASURE ISLAND) has library books to allow reading. Word puzzles, sight words, flash cards and games like scrabble encourage children to take initiative in developing language and expression. Here children learn their lessons through dramatization, group discussion and story making. This area helps in enhancing listening and speaking skills.
  • The THINKING ZONE (OUT OF THE BOX)  is an innovative feature designed to encourage questioning in kids. Thinking can happen in divergent ways and the same can be developed through activities. This zone aims to build critical thinking, and these exercises help them appreciate different points of view, and allow scope for dealing with misconceptions.
  •  The CREATIVE ZONE (PALETTE PLANET) gives freedom to children to understand concepts through creativity. Here, art is used as the medium of learning. For instance EVS topics like body parts and seasons can be explored through painting and mask making. Easels, origami sheets and paints are available to children to enhance their spatial intelligence.


The Tinkering Laboratory is a platform for creative minds to come out of their Think Space to hands-on Tinker Space, so as to transform their ideas into real-time engineering objects, and eventually to products and patents. The lab is accessible to students to test, validate and prototype their ideas into new products and services, specifically in the areas of advanced technology domain.


To encourage students to learn through practice, we have provided our students with a fully-equipped mathematics lab. Here they can access the study materials for performing different mathematical experiments. In addition to regular assignments and quizzes, students also play mathematical games and solve a variety of puzzles here. The lab serves to bridge the gap between the real and the abstract world. Every lab session aims at enhancing the students’ reasoning and logical thinking.


A scientific temperament is nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology students who are encouraged to use the facilities for enhancing their innovative and scientific skills. These labs provide a platform for the students to conduct experiments and learn by doing.
The well equipped Home Science lab is a bright airy room that provides the perfect ambience to learn the art and science of home management.


State of art ICT laboratories for the primary, middle and senior levels help foster technological skills.  Students design websites and create software programs in keeping with international requirements.

The 3 components of the school’s computer programme  are Computer Literacy Programme, Computer Aided Learning and Computer Aided Teaching.
Computer skills are taught as a subject from Class I onwards. Different programmes and combinations are followed for different age groups at  separate cyber labs for pre-primary, primary and high school with one system for each child.
Children  can access the internet, during school hours for self learning. Lecturing through e-beam & video films make learning interesting in higher classes.


Games form an integral and vital part of the school curriculum. Motor skill development takes place by the method of recreational games for classes I and II, whereas for classes III to XII sports are conducted through the following scientific stages 

  • Technique training
  • Modified sports
  • Regular sports

The school has proper facilities for the following sports disciplines:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Swimming 
  • Skating 
  • Cricket
  • Table tennis

School provides special  training after school hours in various disciplines under the guidance of expert coaches.
To encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina, inter-class competitions are held in all available games for both senior and junior classes  every year. Swimming and skating start at Pre-Nursery level.


Realizing the importance of swimming for fun and as a sport, at  Eicher, swimming is conducted by trained coaches. The availability of life guards ensures the safety of each and every student involved in the activity. The school has a compact swimming complex with 3 different pools  suitable for all age groups. 
Swimming is useful to children in many ways and is hence taught as a life skill. 


The Activity Rooms at Eicher School are magical jukeboxes that spur every Eicherite into action. Equipped with a wide range of performing arts, our spacious activity rooms are fit for every session - be it dance, music or yoga.

The very idea of introducing activity rooms is to nurture the inner potential of every student, to give wings to their creativity and to enhance their learning skills.  Activity rooms play a big role in strengthening the roots of talent in every student.


Creativity and imagination get an outlet in the art room. The splashes of color reverberate with the diversity & vividity of human emotion in the art room at the junior level. Individual styles and techniques get honed and displayed at the middle and senior school level.


Our school library, a treasure trove of knowledge, has state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide students a place to learn, think and share ideas. With books on all subjects, the library is regularly updated. The school also follows a class library system which facilitates reading habit. Reading is followed by book review, dramatization, group discussions etc.
The library architecture is inspirational and conducive for reading, learning, improving communication and interaction.

The library is equipped with computer systems with an internet connection so that a world of knowledge is readily available to students. The comfortable and peaceful ambience makes it the perfect place to get immersed into the sea of knowledge.


An architect's delight, the auditorium equipped with the latest technology, is the school's pride. It is a multipurpose hall and commonly used for morning assemblies, functions, parent orientation programmes, workshops, lesson enrichment and as a lecture room. This fully air-conditioned hall has a state-of-the-art light and sound system and can seat a huge audience, thereby making it a perfect venue for all events alike.


At the center of the school building is a unique open air Amphitheatre with large performance stage, surrounded by ascending seats. Children gather here for morning Assembly and for various cultural competitions which gives them scope to showcase their talents, creativity and gain confidence.

Children do a variety of activities like dramatics and public speaking through the year in this arena which removes stage fright and increases their oral communication skills.

The school Annual Concert, music recitals and inter-house competitions are hosted in the Amphitheatre.

Audio Visual Room

The use of audio visual aids is well integrated with the school curriculum and used by the staff and students alike. The Audio-Visual Room with its OHP’s, slide projector and screens is equipped both for teaching and presentations by students. A large collection of educational CDs and DVDs are used regularly as teaching aids for enhancement of the students’ learning.


In the pre primary wing time table, the 'kitchen garden' period is a very important component.
The Kitchen Garden is one of the most powerful environments created for children in our pursuit of experiential learning. Each student has an individual garden space where he/she grows and takes care of a seasonal plant. When children engage in preparing the soil, sowing, planting, weeding, watering and nurturing, apart from experiencing the processes, they also develop empathy and patience.

It is the place where a student is able to get maximum sensory inputs. The senses of sight, touch, feel, smell and hearing are all present at the same time.

The awareness that this is how the food they eat grows leads them to value it, watching different stages of growth of the plant helps them perceive things that a book or any digital aid could not have taught them. The joy in their eyes when they take the produce home is immense.
The kitchen garden is not just about growing vegetables. It is the place where language building, numeracy, thinking and value education happens.
Using the kitchen garden time the teacher ensures that all concepts taught in the class are experienced by every child, thereby making learning an enriching experience.


Our school has a well-equipped and well-furnished medical room, which is accessible during school hours.  A regular  nursing attendant  to  ensures that all the emergencies can be handled efficiently.   The school also has a tie-up with the Asian hospital to address medical exigencies  on time.

 Regular awareness programs are conducted for assisting students about various aspects of health education , first aid, healthy habits, diet management and stress management along with  yoga and meditation sessions. In addition to  routine medical checkups are also conducted every year to keep a check on health issues. Parents are informed if the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention.
Health records of students and staff are maintained for any reference.


One solar voltaic plant of  ______ Kwp has been installed  in the school to generate electricity directly from sunlight via an electronic process. This has helped the school save electricity and proved to be a   step in the direction of energy conservation.

Recording Studio

The recording Studio is a state of the art facility that offers students real time experience of being in a studio. All the school functions have their voice over recordings in the studio under purview of the teachers and the students.

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