Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20. Admission open for session 2019-20.

AUGUST 2018 

The final day of the event – Virasat, organized by Spic Macay was held at Eicher School, Sector 46, Faridabad.

The programme was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp. Mr. Alok Mittal (Inspector General, National Invetigation Agency, New Delhi), Ms. Belina (City Magistrate, Faridabad), HCS Kaliramana, Sh. Kiran Seth (Founder of Spic Macay), Mr. HDS Malhotra (Chairman Good Earth Foundations), Ms. Bela Malhotra and Mr. Arjun Joshi (Director, Eicher Schools) were amongst us as special guests.

The first performance of the last phase of Virasat was by Padma Shri Guru Shovana Narayan, the famous Kathak dancer. She was accompanied by Ustad Shakeel Ahmed Khan who was playing tabla, Sh. Azhar Shakeel playing violin, Sh. Madhav Prasad playing harmonium and gave vocal accompaniment as well and Sh. Mahavir Gangani, a Pakhavaj player from Rajasthan. Guru Shovana Narayan told the audience about the meaning of the word Kathak and the various mudras of it. She also mentioned that in Kathak, we communicate through footworks. She appreciated Eicher School and Spic Macay to provide a platform to the children where they can come closer to the Indian Cultural Heritage. She first perfomed on ‘Vidushi Vandana.’ She also dedicated dance performance to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. She even briefed that ‘bhav’- showcase the story without text; it is shown through mudras, mandlas, emotions and expressions. She performed a small part from the epic ‘Mahabharata’ through her dance. She also showed the movements of animals like snake, elephant and peacock through dancing. She showcased the 5 types of ‘ghoonghat’ and ‘nazar’ that fascinated the audience. She even danced on a small part depicting the life of Buddha, showing the sacrifice done by his wife Yashodhara. This part is taken from an epic written by Maithili Sharan Gupt.

In the end she finished by showing some amazing footworks. Every tabla beat of Ustad Shakeel Ahmed Khan matched Guruji’s every move perfectly and added charm to the entire performances. This was a lifetime opportunity for all of us to witness such graceful recital by an exponent of Kathak.

 The second performance of the evening was by outstanding Khyal singers Sh. Rajan Mishra and Sh. Sajan Mishra. Their accompanists were Ustad Akram Khan playing tabla, Sh. Sumit Mishra playing harmonium and Sh. Garun Mishra, the vocalist. They appreciated the hard work and dedication of the students of Eicher School. The duo sang the ‘Megh’ raga. It is rightly said that when they sing, they are one soul singing, even though they are in two bodies. The performance was so mesmerizing that the audience started tapping their feet.

In the end the duo sang a bhajan ‘Chalo Man Vridavan Ki Or’ on special request by the Commissioner of Faridabad. The audience was totally immersed in the magic of their transcendental music.

This brings an end to the event Virasat organized by Spic Macay in Eicher School, Faridabad. A token of gratitude was given to all the maestros who came and showcased their performances.

The second day of the event – Virasat, organized by Spic Macay was held at Eicher School, Sector 46, Faridabad.

 The programme was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp by Pt. Ram Kumar Mishra and Sh. Kiran Seth (Founder of Spic Macay). Mr. HDS Malhotra (Chairman Good Earth Foundations) and Mr. Arjun Joshi (Director, Eicher Schools) were amongst us as special guests.

Today’s event ‘Virasat’ was completely dedicated to our ex Prime Minister Lt. Sh. Atal Bihari Vajapyi. His life will always be a guiding light for all of us.

The first performance was by Padma Bhushan Padma Vibhushan Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Pt. Hari Prasad Chairasia is an eminent Indian flautist, best known for popularizing Indian Classical Music all over the world. In the beginning, Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia gave a musical tribute to our ex Prime Minister Lt. Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayi. Pandit Ji has given many tunes to the Indian Bollywood films that are still in the hearts of many people. He played ‘Yaman’ raga which is an evening raga that fascinated the audience. He was accompanied by Sh. Ram Kumar Mishra who was playing tabla, Sushri Debopriya Ranadive playing flute and Sushri Yuka Devi also playing flute. The amalgamation of the flutes and the table fascinated the audience. In the end he played ‘Pahari’ raga on the request of the audience.

The second performance of the evening was by Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan. His father Ustad Aziz Khan was his guru. He taught him the minute details of the sitar and after learning from him Ustad Ji became world famous. Sh. Hafeez Ahmed Alvi merged the tunes on the tabla. The performance was so mesmerizing that the audience were tapping feet to the tune of the Sitar and tabla. In the end Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan played a bhajan on the request of the audience. The melody of the sitar transported the audience to another world.


A grand opening of a 3 day event – Virasat, organized by Spic Macay was held at Eicher School, Sector 46, Faridabad.

The programme was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp by the famous maestro Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, HDS Malhotra (Chairman Good Earth Foundations), Mr. Jasmeet (Head of JCB) and Mr. Kiran Seth (Founder of Spic Macay). Ms. Belina, City Magistrate, Faridabad was amongst us as a special guest.

The first performance was by Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, the creator of the Mohan Veena. He addressed the audience that in Indian Classical Music every ‘raga’ has some emotions and it is based on Mathematics. Playing these ‘ragas’ are really good for meditation. It also connects to the God and evokes emotions. He played the ragas of ‘Shyam Kalyan’ and ‘malhar’ on Mohan Veena and Sh. Abhishek Mishra merged the tune on the tabla. The performance was so mesmerizing that the audience were tapping feet to the tune of the Mohan Veena and tabla. He even played the tune of Vande Matram that enthralled the audience. In the end, he also played a peace tune to give a tribute to Lt. Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayi, the former Prime Minister of India.

The second performance of the evening was by Sh. Shashank Subramanyam, the man who sings through his flute. He has spread the pleasant fragrance of the Karnatak Music through his flute not only in India but also in the world and has presented more than 1000 programmes in many educational institutions. He was accompanied by Sh. N.C. Bhardwaj who was playing mridungum and Sh. Giridhar Udupa playing ghatam. The amalgamation of the flute, mridumgum and ghatam fascinated the audience. He ended by playing a bhajan on his flute which created a spiritual atmosphere in the auditorium. The programme was an inspiration for all the music lovers. The interaction of the famous maestros with the students will remain as a memorable experience in the hearts of the children.

JULY 2018 

The school has once again won this prestigious award for the period of 2018-21. The e-mail to this effect has been received from the British Council, ISA team. All the members - Ms Rimmi Gupta, Ms Lalita, Ms Anu Walia, Ms Meenakshi Uppal , Ms Eisha, Ms Bharathy, Ms Jyoti, Ms Maitri, Ms Swati, were appreciated for their preseverance and diligence regarding their Project work.

MaY 2018 

Eicher School stepped into its 25th year since its inception in 1994. Students decided to begin the celebration by contributing their bit to the environment. As a first step, students of class XI and XII commerce & humanities surveyed the markets to find out the use of plastic bags and if they can be replaced by newspaper bags. The response they received was overwhelming. They also understood that the local vendors usually use plastic bags because of their durability & low cost.

Thereafter all the students across school made newspaper bags which were then distributed by students of V and VI to the vendors of NIT-1,2,3,5, 21-C,46, Green Field, Green Valley etc. More than 4500 newspaper bags were made and distributed.

It was a great effort taken by the Eicherites to reduce the use of plastic bags and save environment from the hazards that plastic bags pose. They decided to carry on this activity throughout the year and in the coming years too.

APRIL 2018 

As the school steps into its 25th year, we pledge to contribute our bit to save the environment. As a first step, students are making newspaper bags to distribube them to the shopkeepers to mininise use of polly bags.



Our Budding Artists

We are glad to share that the paintings made by Riddhima Kaushik of V-A and Nandini Chaturvedi of IV-B have been printed in the creative corner, Vol. 14,

Dec. 17 in Primary Plus.

DEcember 2017


Angooridevi Trophy organized by Grand Columbus Sec-16 on 6th Dec 2017

Priyanshi Chaudhary of class XI won the prize for best speaker against the motion. 
St Xavier’s High School Gurugram organized ‘Emmanuel” A musical Consonanee ! An inter school carol singing competition for class V-X. Our school bagged 2nd Prize.

Prerna MVN School Competition

“Designing Cognizance “ – Brochure Making for class IV – V - 3rd prize

“Honing Evacuation” – A Mock Drill on Disaster Management for class VI - VII 1st prize

“Phonenix – Rising from Ashes” – Road show on life after disaster for class VIII – IX 2nd Prize

November 2017


Winning laurels at inter-school competitions: Recently Eicher School participated in various competitions held at different schools. The talent of the students won them accolades and they returned with a host of prizes.

DHAROHAR: 2017-18 at MILLENNIUM SCHOOL, NOIDA (9.11.17 to 11.11.17)

Dance competition for pre-primary students-                          1st prize
Movie making competition                                                        - 1st prize
E- Newsletter                                                                                  - 1st prize
Semi classical singing competition                                          - 3rd prize
Heritage Quiz                                                                                - 3rd prize
Tux Paint competition                                                                 - 2nd prize
Dance competition for middle school students                      - 1st prize
French poetry competition                                                         - 1st and 2nd prize
Best out of waste                                                                         - 2nd prize
The adman show                                                                          - 2nd prize
Caricature ar                                                                                 - 1st prize

MIRAS at MVN , SECTOR- 17, FARIDABAD (11.11.17)

Shringar Ras- Dance                                                                   - 2nd prize
Hasya Ras – Play                                                                        - 2nd prize
Shanti Ras- Art                                                                            - 1st prize
Adbhuta Ras – Epified/ Epigram                                             - 3rd prize
Overall trophy won by Eicher School.


Hindi poetry recitation                                                              - 1st prize
English poetry recitation                                                           - 1st prize
Science seminar                                                                         - 1st prize
Business World quiz                                                                   - 2nd prize

Round 1:
Junior level                                                                                    - 1st position
Senior level                                                                                     - 1st position

Round 2:
Junior level                                                                              - 4th position
Senior level                                                                              - 4th position

SEPteMBEr 2017


Eicher School, Faridabad organised a cycle rally on the 26th of September, 2017 , which was a part of the I.S.A project. Around 250 students from classes 5 and 6, escorted by their teachers took part in the rally to sensitize people towards a clean and green environment. Principal Ms. Ritu Kohli flagged off the rally which took off from the school covering sectors 45, 46 and 21-C. It was not only a fun-filled day but also bore a strong message of saving environment.



Eicher School Faridabad celebrated Inspiration 2017, a two day event on the 21st and 22nd of August. Students from more than 10 different schools participated in it. The events scheduled for Day -1 included Movie Making, Magic Tricks and My Own Creation.

 In the Movie Making Competition students of classes 5 and 6 had to create a movie on digital jewellery. They were judged on originality, aesthetic appeal, detailing, functionality of the product and of course, the presentation. In My Own Creation the students of classes 1 and 2 had to make a maze using lego blocks within the time limit of 1 and a half hour. They were judged upon how they planned their maze, the precision, the look and beauty of the maze and how they presented the maze to the judges and the audience. Magic Tricks involved the students of classes 3 and 4. In this competition the students had to perform a trick and explain the scientific concept behind it. They were judged on the originality of thought, demonstration and presentation. In the Movie Making competition Jiva School stood first followed by St.Thomas. In the Magic Tricks Competition Eicher School Parwanoo bagged the first position followed by MVN Aravali.

The events scheduled for Day -2 included - Innovation Using Basic Technology for classes 7 and 8, Science based Working Model for classes 9 and 10 and Symposium for classes 11 and 12.

In the Symposium Alwar Public School stood first followed by Eicher School Faridabad. Whereas in the Science based Working model the first position was bagged by Jiva Public School followed by Vidya Mandir Public School. In Innovation using basic technology Eicher School Parwanoo stood first followed by MVN 17..

 The overall trophy was bagged by Eicher School Faridabad . But being the host school they passed on the trophy to Eicher School, Parwanoo.

Mr. Deepak Singhi principal Eicher School Parwanoo gave away the prizes to the winners. Principal Ms. Ritu Kohli congratulated the students and encouraged them for their performance. She said such events encouraged Team Building in students.  

May 2017

Eicher School Faridabd bagged the second position at the national level in a Case Study Competition organized by IMA/CMA Miles Education.

The main purpose for this competition was to promote courses like CMA (Cost Management Accounting) and CPA (Certified Public Accounting) in India. The case was on an American Company called Pikesville Lightning. The owner, Greg Storm, has a baseball team. His side business is to sell hot dogs. Students had to analyze the situation of the company and give steps to increase the off-season sales revenue.

April 2017


Eicher School Faridbad won the second prize at Gita Bal Niketan, Sec 21 D in the Drwaing and Painting Competition.

August 2016 

Inter School Competition “Embracing Growth and Change” was organized by Manav Rachna International School, Gurgaon on 11th August 2016.
Aarushi, Ingita and Sajeev of class IX of our school bagged 2nd prize in the event.

Anmol and Vivek of class VIII won 2nd prize in ‘Environmental Engineers’ an inter school competition organized by Manav Rachna International School, Gurgaon on 11th August 2016

August 2016

Inter School Eicher Meet was held at Eicher School, Parwanoo on 30th July 2016.

 Jasleen bagged the second prize in Kareoke.

Gargi bagged the third prize in classical song.
Our students Arshleen Sodhi(Class VIII), Abhipriy Burman (Class XII) and Yagansh Nassa (Class XII) participated in " Eloquence : A literary fiesta :, a competition organised in KR Manglam World School on 29th July 2016.

Tramedy & Hot Pursuit at K.R. Manglam School.
Our boys Abhipriy & Yagansh bagged the 2nd prize in Hot Pursuit.

Arshleen participated in Tramedy.

Eicher won the overall trophy. Kudos Children!!

May 2016

 Sanjukta Das (XI C) bagged the first position in

Solo Dance Competition held at

Satyug Darshan School on 13th May 2016 

December 2015

Inter school competition “PRERNA 2015” was organized by MVN Aravalli School on 19th December 2015.


Hriday Sabharwal (IX D) – 2nd position

Chirag Tanwar (IX B) – 3rd position

Our school bagged 2nd position in Symposium.

Participants – Mudit Jain (X C),Apekshita Pandey (X D),Vanshika Singh (X D),Garima Singh(X D)

Our school got 3rd position in Western Dance Competition.


Anmol Singh(II E), Noor Jawa(II C), Krishna Jha (II C), Panhkuri Khanna(II D), Ria Arora(II D),

Manasvi Basan (II E), Aaditya Sharma(II A), Gaytri (II B), Jia Madan(II B), Ragini Nagpal(III D),

Tanvi Sharma(III A), Sanya Sharma(III A)

Akshat Raj & Dhruv Sharma of class VII B brought laurels to the school as they were conferred with a Special Award for Science Tech Task, a competition held at Vidya Mandir School on 19th Dec 2015.

Our school bagged 1st runner up trophy in Inter School Speech Competition held at Rawal Public School, Ballabgarh on 10th December 2015.

        Arshleen Sodhi of class VII won 3rd position, topic- "Social networking is bringing us together".

        Aarushi Sharma of class X won 2nd position, topic- "Expansion of security council is a must for global peace."

        Samidha of class V was appreciated for her speech on topic- "Importance of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in the growth of our country." 

November, 2015

 Inan Gupta of class XI bagged the first position at Dr.Paulos Mar Gregorios Memorial Inter School Debate - 2015 held at St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School, Sector- 8 on 26th November, 2015. 


Our school team has been selected for next round. Team members are Satya Narayan(IX A), Evan Thomas (IX D), Aiona(IX B)


Our school team has been selected for next round. Team members are Sahil Das(V D), Arsh Uniyal(V D), Ayush Singh(V C)

October, 2015

 Parth Verma XI And Jai Aggarwal VIII win 3rd position in Tech Quiz organized by MVN School Aravali Hills.

Inter school competition was held at MVN Aravali, Faridabad on 16th October 2015.
Event: Tech Blitz 2015
Topic:Changing India
1st Prize Siddhant Kamble VI C & Jasmine VII D
Expressing our heartfelt gratitude to our student Rishabh Gangal XI for conceptualizing & helping in the entire process of movie making of Tech Blitz.

august 2015


The following students have cleared the 2nd level of MaRRs spell bee competition held in April 2015.















































July, 2015


Eicher School, Faridabad was recently awarded by British Council, Government of UK for designing, developing and inculcating an international dimension in the school curriculum. Eicher School is a proud recipient of the prestigious INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD for 2015-18. Ms. Ritu Kohli, principal and Ms. Aparna Sharma, ISA Coordinator were honoured with a trophy and certificate by Ms. Ritika Parruck Director for School programme and Co-ordinator for ISA, British Council on 8th July, 2015. Mr. Rob Lynes, Country Director British Council congratulated the efforts of the school to inculcate the Global Dimension in the school curriculum. More than 2000 schools participated in the ISA 2015-18.

Our school established links with schools in UK, Bhutan, Palestine, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt and Sri Lanka. Yearlong activities in various projects have helped our students to appreciate cultural diversity, learn inter – dependence and develop skills to interact and live in as global citizens.

It was a great learning experience for all the students and teachers.

April, 2015

Competition At Leh

A team of Eicherites went to the beautiful city of Leh where an Earth Day Celebration was organised by Key Foundation in association with Ministry of Earth Sciences at the Druk Padma Karpo School which most of us know as Rancho's School from the movie '3 Idiots'. The main aim of the programme was to raise awareness towards our environment among children through fun activities such as essay writing competition, drawing competition, quiz and panel discussions.

More than 15 schools participated in the programme. Two of our students Vaibhav Goyal and Rishab Aggarwal of class XII won the first prize in the quiz and essay writing respectively and made the school proud.

December, 2014

The Millennium School Noida, organized inter school competitions "Dharohar 2014 - 2015" which was being held from 16th to 18th December 2014.  

Photo Entry


3rd Prize

Jiya Kanira(Pre Nursery A)

From the story book to stage


2nd Prize

LKG B - Ritvik Chawla

LKG D - Shivalika Chaturvedi

Christmas Dance


UKG A - Vanshika Tiwari, Pritika Gandhi, Eshaan Srivastava

UKG B - Amrit Kaur, Hershe Raina

UKG C - Gauransh Kapoor, Vyhom Chaudhary

UKG D- Navyaa Uppal, Ruhin Kahlon, Shreya Sharma, Mannan Bali, Rishi Bajaj

UKG E - Tysha Bhagotra, Padmaja, Aashima Singh




1st  Prize

Rangan(III D), Harshal(III D), Aditya(III A)

Mythological Play


3rd Prize

III C- Abhishek Choudhary, Shreyashi Das, Ruhi Diwan, Soumya Singh, Shreyasi Soni

III B - Yana Sundli

III A - Pradyun Gupta, Nandini Goel, Dharvi Bidhuri



2nd Prize

V C  - Samanyu, Navtesh, Parnika, Jigyasa, Aakash, Parv, Ajayesh

IV A- Aseem Satvik, Baladitya, Shrey

IV B - Abir, Vansh

IV D - Shailja, Anusha

V A - Aastha

V D- Malvika




3rd Prize


IV A- Harshita, Muskan


IV B - Samridhi


IV C - Sritama, Nandana, Anushka


V B- Bhavya, Reha, Nupur, Ayushi Khanna




3rd Prize

VI A  - Gauransh, Girindher, Yash



3rd Prize

VIII A- Anubhav, Dhananjay



2nd Prize

IX A - Tanu

X C - Abhigya

Web Designning


2nd Prize

Parth (X C)

Rishabh (X D)

Western Band


2nd Prize

X A - Vijwal,  Raghav

X D- Rohan, Bibyan , Anshita, Rishabh, 

X B - Shubham



III D - Arjum Virmani, Rhythm Mahindra



VIII B -  Harmeet, Chirag, Aryan, Hriday

IX B - Megha Gunika

X D - Manan, Manmeet

X B - Kirti, Gaitri

November, 2014

Hitakshi Kumara Class XII stood 1st in Inter School Debate held at St. Thomas School , Sector 8 on 27th November 2014.

Inter school Poster Making and Declamation competition was held at Golaya Progressive Public School, Palwal on 25th November, 2014

Poster Making      1st position
                               2nd position

Declamation         1st position 
                               2nd position

August, 2014

Inter school competition " Maths Quest" was held at Apeejay School, Saket

on 25th August, 2014

Fastest Finger First

July, 2014 

Inter school competition held at Satyug Darshan School on 30th July, 2014

Folk Dance -- 1st position

Poster Making --3rd position

Patriotic Song --3rd position

May, 2014


The Science Aur Kainat Society of India(SAKOI) organized the GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION -2014 at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Godhra, Gujrat from May 19 to 21,2014. This programme was catalysed and supported by National Council for Science and Technology Communication(NCSTC), Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India.The Exhibition was judged by Dr. Yash Pal, an eminent scientist and a great educator.

Our winning team comprising Akhil Goyal, Shritam Swain, Sagar Arora & Lakshya Arora(XI-A), bagged the 2nd position and a cash prize of 1500/- for their working model on the topic - BIO GAS THERMAL PLANT.

May, 2014

Our school participated in Chunauti, a two-day event organized at Apeejay School, Saket on 29th & 30th April, where the Eicherites competed with students of 40 other schools from Delhi & NCR.

Yog Kala                        3rd position
                                       Navtesh(V C) and Diya(VII D)

Swar Sadhana               2nd position
                                        Dhruv Kargwal & Gargi Sarkar(VII)
                                        Ayush Sharma & Manish(VIII)

Web Animators            3rd position
                                        Vaibhav Jain(XII) and Parth(XI)

344, Sector-46, Faridabad

9911913533 , 9990058771

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