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NITIJ RAO (Batch 2014-15)

B.A.(History Honours) from Hindu College, Delhi University 

What I am today, what I will be tomorrow, credit of all this goes to none other than but the temple of learning I went to "Eicher".
I want to express my deepest gratitude for my school and my teachers for their sincere efforts in moulding me into my present form.
When I joined this lovely institution during my 8th grade, I had recently left a boarding school and had entered into a day school. It was a whole new experience in all. Cooperative and friendly teachers and wonderful friends was the boon I received in the first few months of my new school life. Ever since the beginning I had set my mind towards a single goal in my life, of becoming a civil servant. A goal yet to achieve. What I was taught was that in order to make the future of a building rigid its foundation had to be strong. Therefore my lovely teachers all throughout my school life encouraged me and all my passionate fellow mates to work hard to make your foundation strong, perhaps this is the very motto of this great institution. At beginning of my senior secondary classes when one has to make choices for the future course of his life, I was fully determined and I knew what to take up as my subjects, as I had been guided so perfectly by my teachers that it left not a trickle of doubt in my mind. It was Humanities. Taking humanities for my senior secondary education was the best decision I had taken in my life till now. Blessed with wondrous teachers and equally wondrous mates I had the experience of my life in these two years. Sir and madams you guided us all like a captain would do to his ship when stuck in a storm. You guided us all like parents would do when there kids are stuck in a dilemma. And we are so so very much thankful to you for this. If it was not for the hard efforts and persuasion of Kanwal Sir, we would not have won and reached the Nationals of the prestigious CBSE Heritage India Quiz. When time for the 12th Board Exams came, we all knew and were continuously being made to realise by our teachers that this was the time to show your metal, show your calibre and show your capability. Study camps were organised to give us a very rigorous and tight scheduled revision of the entire syllabus. Constant encouragement and 24/7 availability of our concerned teachers made us more determined. Always keeping in mind the principle of foundation and building I went ahead with the blessings of our teachers. Happily and luckily I had a good result, good enough to get into the Old and Prestigious institution of Hindu College, University Of Delhi. Apart from this I was also Lucky enough to crack into various other prestigious institutions like BHU, Jamia Milia Islamia University and The Tata Institute for Social Science. The credit of all these events unquestionably goes to the tireless efforts and constant encouragement of my teachers. I was, am and always will be indebted to my teachers. Thanks a lot.

TULIKA BISWAS(Batch 2014-15)

B.A. (Pol. Sc.Honours) from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University

My 14 years in Eicher has been a pretty great experience. The academia and the love and support from all my teachers has got me to where I am now.
The last two years in Eicher has really taught me some valuable life  lessons. Despite being a shy kid, my friends and teachers have helped me in making me realize my potential and abilities and how to make them work in the best possible ways.
Our Bhutan trip during the last year of our schooling is a high point worth mentioning as it gave us exposure to experience life with a global perspective and most importantly created  inseparable bond between our Humanities  group!
And I really appreciate the efforts made by all my teachers - KK Sir, Tanushree maam, Alka ma'am, Rakhi ma'am, Priyanka ma'am in ensuring that we stay focused and do our best to achieve the best.
Thank you to the entire Eicher Family to making this journey remarkable!

KANISHKA SARKAR (Batch 2013-14)

Currently pursuing English Hons. from Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi 

Year 2000, A small little girl entered the Eicher family and after fourteen years of nurturing the sapling Eicher has made what stands before all, Kanishka Sarkar, confident, fearless and most of all grounded. Can't even imagine what would have I been without Eicher standing as my pillar of support. Be it academics, sports or any curricular activity all my teachers and school mates have always encouraged me to participate and ultimately excel. Truly, infinite no. of tasks achieved, calligraphy, dance , music, rangoli, jewellery designing, sketching, academic excellence, debates and a lot more. From the tip of my tongue to the pit of my stomach I have tingled with red pepper in order to enjoy the simple fare of school life. All credits to Eicher!!! Thanks for making me capable enough to be a recipient of a no. of prizes & scholarship. A lot more to pen down but nostalgia makes eyes watery. So juniors enjoy the golden period of life. Principal ma'am, teachers and all my schoolmates thanks a ton. Miss you eicher family!!! .

K A R T H I K K. R. (Batch 2005-06, School Chief 2004-05)

LAWYER - Practicing law at New Delhi High Court.

Eicher School is an institution that I proudly associate myself with even after a decade of passing out, not only because of its ability to provide high quality education and overall attitude towards students, but for its sincerity in making students confront academic challenges along-with practicality of life.

I cannot pin-point the moments where or when I learned something valuable at Eicher simply because each moment is valuable and has been a learning experience for me. Be it approaching my teachers and clearing my head with juggling questions (both academic and general), or the company of friends I got at Eicher; be it the moments when I was trusted with responsibilities as School Chief or otherwise too, or support during the stages of failure, the stepping-stones actually; be it in expression of talent via art, or enhancing potentials at the field of Badminton, Cricket and numerous other sports. Eicher had been a constant support and a platform of and for opportunities.

My teachers, experience, and the environment I got at Eicher will always have a positive impact in my life… all through!

SHWETA AGIWAL (Batch 2013-14)

Pursuing B.Com. 

My journey of 14 yrs have been wonderful with Eicher School.
The school and its teachers have supported, motivated and guided me at every point of time. Be it in co-curricular activities ranging from debates, street plays , business plan competitions, dances,stage performances etc. to Sports , it made a place in my routine because of school and later had helped me not only win trophies for school but learn team work and stay fit. About studies, right from kindergarten to 12th i have never felt left out in the class. Individual attention was paid to every student in the class. Its said ' Alls well what ends well'. Tha last days of my association with school - STUDY CAMP where academics, fun, and care was to its core. That time i realised that teachers put in equals efforts in making us a successful person in life  . I strongly believe that my personality have groomed , that i can confidently face the world with all the learning i have got from my alma mater. I feel proud to be the part of Eicher family .
Thank you Eicher School for giving me such an opportunity to be associated with your  beautiful family .

PRANIT DEY BISWAS (Batch 2009-10)

Pursuing B.A. L.L.B. Hons from National Law University, Odisha

Eicher School features heavily in the list of the best times I’ve ever had in my short life. It was a very fulfilling journey, starting from a small rented place in sector 21-C to the sprawling campus that Eicher School is now. Although the first few years were quite lonely, I later found my calling in the school library. It was there where I first came across the works of one my favorite authors, one Mr. John Grisham. When I went through my first Grisham novel, I knew I was going to be a lawyer someday. The book was The King of Torts. I could see it – from school to a swanky law school to some big corporate law firm. Although the dream of a career in corporate law died in my first year, it’s simply not as thrilling as litigation. I was a voracious reader in my school days, if I may say so. And that habit helped me greatly to reach where I am today. Frankly, hard work has always been my bête noire. So it came as a surprise when I found out that I had been shortlisted for admission in the National Law University Odisha (NLUO). A month of hard work is all it took, although that’s something I wouldn’t recommend to students preparing for the CLAT. It was a very Kafkaesque moment, the transformation from a laid-back student from a small town to a future lawyer studying in a NLU. The change was quite an eye opener. A world full of possibilities – freedom, but surrounded by metaphorical barbed wires also. A cynical man might say that five years in a law school does validate the analogy of an insect like creature to a law student, but that of course depends on one’s affinity towards hard work. The journey from Eicher School to NLUO was a bumpy one, but it was all worth it. 

CHETNA MALIK (Batch 2012-13)      

Pursuing Statistics Hons. from RAMJAS COLLEGE, DELHI UNIVERSITY

I cannot imagine any other school to be able to provide the kind of foundation, experience, self development, responsibility and knowledge that Eicher offers to provide and has been successfully providing since its inception. The institute integrates basic and the most indispensible skills required that majority of the institutes often skip as a part of the curriculum in such a way that it isn’t monotonous, overbearing or time consuming to such an extent that you will not only excel in your studies but also in the hobbies you’ve longed to ace.

Above all, it provided me a platform to explore and differentiate the areas I was good at and the areas I wanted to be good at, helping me to understand myself better and choose a more suitable career for me. I remember having intensive two hours of club periods every week where I learnt skills like horse riding, skating, flower making, public speaking, basic cooking, swimming, volleyball, etc.
It isn’t only about learning the skills, it is also about being able to implement them and Eicher gave me the opportunity to do the same. To start with the extra co curricular competitions that were organized every week which helped me a great deal to overcome the nervousness and the moment of self doubt that all of us experience during competitions and it was only in college that I realized what a boon it has been. I’ve seen people missing out on great opportunities despite having the potential because they were nervous of the competition or lacked the zeal. On the contrary Eicher made competitions feel like an everyday routine and encouraged me to try my hand at everything which has helped me to secure the best possible opportunities at hand.
If it weren’t for the compulsory swimming periods and the sports training camp in summer vacations I wouldn’t have been able to explore the sportsman in me. I represented my state in national level swimming championship when I was in 8th grade and my district in state level volleyball championship when I was in 10th and in no way missing out on any studies or examination or the co curricular activities. The teachers and their motivation have played a major role in setting up the foundation of managing everything and enjoying the experiences school life has to offer.
I’ve also had the privilege to serve my institute as a prefect and it’s one of the best and the most surreal leadership experiences. I’ve been a part of organizing blood donation camps, sports meets, annual days, I have anchored various in house competitions and each experience has conditioned me to be better.
Apart from cultivating these skills, Eicher helped me to be better at core education as the number of examinations, Monday tests and Olympiads held in school helped me to analyze my performance and recognize the areas I was weak at and work on the same. I was also a part of the challenger series which were a set of classes to teach students a higher level of education apart from the course material. Thus enabling us to logically understand the process of what we are learning, why we are learning and how to be better at it, which no school offers. As a result, I secured 9.6 CGPA in my class 10th and was rewarded my first scholarship and secured an aggregate of 94.25% in class 12th boards in the science stream. This helped me to secure admission in Ramjas , DU which is one of the premiere institutes of India in the course of my choice.
I will always be indebted to the amount of effort, hard work, understanding, patience and encouragement that my teachers gave me. Throughout my journey in Eicher every teacher and student has played a major role in my life but in particular Ms. Vidhu Grover my history teacher and the senior coordinator who made me a stronger person, encouraged me to pursue my ambition and supported me in all of my decisions. Another teacher who has played a major role in shaping up who I am is  Mrs. Vandana Virmani , my class teacher and my maths teacher who made me love the subject I absolutely despised and helped me to become a better person and if it weren’t for her I might’ve never realized how much I enjoyed mathematics and would have never opted out for Statistics as my course, which I absolutely enjoy.
Everyone who graduates from Eicher is an all-rounder with a certain niche in an area to set them apart from the crowd and that’s the best kind of education any institute can impart.

ABHISHEK CHADDA (Batch 2004-05)

Assistant Accountant (APAC) for Survey Sampling International in Sydney

After my schooling from Eicher, I found out that my interests still lay in being an Accountant and so I enrolled in B.Com. (DU) and graduated after 3 years in 2008 from PGDAV college. I later worked in AMEX for 6 months and soon after, took a big step ahead by applying and securing admission in Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) for Master of Professional Accounting. I worked really hard to achieve what I had aspired by juggling between part-time work and classes. Upon completion, I realized that Accounting+Business is what the world wants right now and so, I also did Master of Business (UNE, NSW). After years of hard work and 2 promotions within 2 years of my first job, I am currently designated as an Assistant Accountant (APAC) for Survey Sampling International in Sydney. I am also an Associate Membership with CPA Australia. And finally, I achieved the last piece of my great Aussie struggle puzzle, Australian Citizenship. Within this time I have made friends who have become an important part of my life. Whatever and wherever I am today is due to my parents and my Alma-mater, Eicher School.

AASHITA JINDAL (Batch 2012-13)       

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Eicher taught me how to bring the best out of me. I have had some of the bst teachers during my tenure. Vandana maam taught me to try new things in life and overcome difficulties.Tanushree maam and Banga maam taught me how to be polite, lovable and understanding. Richa maam and Rakhi maam taught me the meaning of care and love in a student-teacher relationship. Gagan sir taught me never to lose the fun element from your life. Alka maam taught me how to be independent and self-motivating. Gautam sir taught me how to work hard and harder till you get to the top. I think all of us will be able to relate when I say these words. Eicher gave me friends who are an indispensable part of my life. It got mw where I am today.

ARPIT VAJPAYEE (Batch 2004-05)    

Currently Working with: Shobiz Experiential Communications Pvt Ltd. As : Executive Operations – M.I.C.E

School Joined in: 2000 School left in: 2005

It has been wisely said, School happens only ONCE!!! I had the most memorable and special experience with the school. Being the first batch of the School, We had all the privileges and scrutiny as well. I had the the most exhilarating experience during the school.


SHWETA K.R. (Batch 2004-05)

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Whatever I am today, credit goes to Eicher School…for turning me into a new leaf, for letting me be me, for teaching me not to be afraid of anyone or anything…directly or indirectly.

It was 2001 when I entered the school with all my pre-conceived notions of a new school in a new city where I had no friends. It sounded and felt more like a jail at first. Few months in, I had clashes with majority of my class mates just because our thoughts/opinions didn’t match. I learned to stand for what you believe in and follow your own rules (which I still do to a certain extent).By the end of the academic year, people with I had a tiff with were my best friend (they still are). Vandana Ma’am very well knows what I’m talking.

Eicher School has been a nurturing ground for me, away from my comfortable zone at first and then becoming my extended family. Many teachers and my batch mates would vouch for that. Heartfelt thank you to all my teachers who have seen us grow. Though we don’t meet them that often but they know their students don’t need many such meetings, just a few hours in a year and our days are made. Thank you teachers.

It gives me immense pleasure that our first 10 batches have passed out successfully and many more wonderful years and batches to come. Heartiest congratulations to Eicher family.

KANIKA SAXENA (Batch 2011-12)     

Pursuing M.B.B.S. from College of Medical Sciences, Kathmandu University, Nepal

My time in eicher was "fantab-mirac-ulous". From giving the entrance exam in 2004 for 7th grade till the results of 12th standard in 2009, i had like that ultimate once in a lifetime experience.

From being an 'OUT'standing student TO standing in the principal's office, those studyin late nights for the finals, representing our school at the states and nationals, getting to know what friendship is, pranks and plays, competition among classmates, when teachers used to shout at my behaviour to giving appreciation for good results. And that hidden private school life.

I knew the day i was out of school, i would be stuck in the tiresome traffic of life. What i learnt in eicher was more than enuf to help me struggle half way around my life.

Thanks to Vandana Ma'am, for helping on that numbers. Rakhi Ma'am, for helping me on the get on with pronounciation. Vidhu Ma'am, for helping me in all my ups and downs Alka Ma'am, for being a friend.

And most of all Rajesh Sir, MY MENTOR and MASTER, for making me what i am today.

 Angad Singh (Batch 2008-09)     

As of today, i am a businessman, a workoholic, a goal seeker and high aimer. But this all is because of the life in Eicher which made me a motivated, self dependent and out of the box thinking teenager..

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