School Management


Mr. Arjun Joshi

Dear all,
There are many things I can say about Eicher School, Faridabad.

I can tell you that it has cemented its place among the top city schools and carved a niche for itself among discerning parents

  • that it has come from humble beginnings in a residence in Sector 21A to its present status -that today it has all the modern facilities that are required in a school of its stature
  • that most of its electricity comes from solar power
  • that it has 54 differently abled children
  • that there may not be any other mainstream school in the entire NCR which can give you this statistic
  • that it gives as comprehensive an education as the system allows...academics, sports, co-curricular activities, leadership
  • that children who pass out from here are not just well prepared academically but have had opportunities on stage, in the field and in the classroom to express themselves and develop their confidence
  • that its staff doesn’t have to worry about their jobs and they know that the school would like to retain them till their retirement, always aiming to treat them well. All this and much more.

However, if I were to dwell on one characteristic that I find most appealing and worthy of respect, I would say that Eicher School,Faridabad is run with an integrity and ethical honesty that is inspiring.

The setting up of the Goodearth Foundation was based on nothing but the desire to provide good schooling at the lowest possible cost to the towns of Alwar, Faridabad and Parwanoo. That vision, spelt out by Mr. Vikram Lal and Mr. H.D.S Malhotra, continues to guide our efforts today.

The reason I am emphasizing this point is because I find it liberating and inspiring to work with an institution whose aims are altruistic, centred around the needs of the child and the community - and totally without any element of personal profit. Every penny earned by the school is put back into the school either in the form of infrastructure and student welfare or in giving the teachers salaries as per the latest pay scale. This makes our thought process very clear and personal greed has never entered the picture. In today’s time, this is an old fashioned way to work and yet it’s good for the soul.

I pray that we, at Eicher School, Faridabad and the Goodearth Foundation, are able to continue to live up to and improve upon the standards set over the decades in the years to come.