Foundation Years


The Foundation Years is a place for the child to grow by exploring and learning. The curriculum is designed in accordance with the guidelines outlined in ‘NEP 2020’, it includes Experiential Learning as an essential part of teaching. The school focuses on the individual needs of the child during the most important stage of their life. The aim is to inculcate 21st century skills keeping the happiness quotient alive through-

  • Learning Zones - to ensure experienced-based learning catering to different learning styles.
  • Strategies that allow students to demonstrate multiple ways of understanding and value their uniqueness.
  • Regular curriculum designing to ensure that it progressively supports skills to be imbibed.
  • An environment that builds curiosity, questioning, wonder, and is flexible, fun and full of endless possibilities.
  • Dance, music, fitness, computers and art that have been integrated with content learnt in the scholastic areas.
  • Concept-based especially curated bimonthly assignment booklets.
  • opportunities that enable children to express what they observe, feel and imagine.
  • A curriculum that has been structured to include co-scholastic areas into the scope of mainstream syllabus to allow for experiential learning aligned with the New Education Policy, 2020.