Foundation Years


Our FY is a place for the children to grow by exploring and learning. The school focuses on the individual needs of the children as they go through the most important stage of their life. This stage focuses on teaching in play-based or activity-based methods and on the development of various skills through-

  • Learning Zones-Digital Hideout, Palette Planet, Treasure Island, Number Ninjas & Out of the Box to ensure activity-based learning
  • thoughtfully designed lesson plans
  • use of learning aids to introduce new concepts
  • concept-based assignment booklets
  • a kitchen garden for hands-on learning
  • a dedicated ICT lab for computer training
  • trips and nature walks for environmental awareness
  • visits to the library
  • visits to the Home Science lab to learn survival skills
  • music, dance, art and sports
  • a designated play area with swings, mud pool, duck pond etc.
  • personality development sessions
  • marked celebrations of festivals and important days as per the UNSDG calendar