Senior Secondary Wing


This stage focuses on strengthening the knowledge, skills and competencies of the children and works towards greater critical thinking and flexibility in the thought process.
In classes IX and X stress is laid on-

  • competency-based learning modules as per NCERT guidelines
  • choice between Basic and Standard Mathematics in class X
  • choice of the second language- Hindi, Sanskrit or French
  • thoughtfully designed lesson plans
  • understanding and application of concepts
  • inter-disciplinary learning
  • regular visits to AV labs- Languages, Maths, Science, Tinkering, Computer
  • class library programme
  • value-based learning
  • life skills programme
  • learning beyond the classroom through field trips and excursions
  • teaching-learning strategies involving workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, group discussions etc. to reinforce concepts.
  • preparation for NTSE, Olympiads etc.
  • remedial teaching
  • nurturing creativity and talent through dance, drama, music, art, craft, etc.
  • literary activities like declamation, debate, extempore, theatre etc.
  • well-planned study camps
  • subject orientation programmes
  • career counselling sessions