Middle Wing


This stage offers opportunities to children to assimilate information and grasp abstract ideas. It focuses on critical learning objectives and experiential learning in the sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences and languages. The emphasis is on-

  • understanding and application of concepts
  • inter-disciplinary learning
  • thoughtfully designed lesson plans
  • regular visits to AV labs- Languages, Maths, Science, Tinkering, Computer
  • comprehensive assignment booklets designed by subject experts
  • active vocabulary programme
  • class library programme
  • value-based learning
  • life skills programme
  • preparation for Olympiads
  • learning beyond the classroom through field trips and excursions
  • teaching-learning strategies involving workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, group discussions etc. to reinforce concepts.
  • nurturing creativity and talent through dance, drama, music, art, craft, etc.
  • literary activities like declamation, debates, extempore, recitation, story writing and telling etc.
  • remedial teaching