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Who we are

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True to our motto: Vidya - Vinay - Vivek
The aim of education (Vidya) is to inculcate humility (Vinay) and wisdom (Vivek) in an individual.
Our Values
  • We speak less, work more.
  • We avail every opportunity to explore and express our talents.
  • We toil to match our performance to our potential.
  • We accept and rise upto challenges.
  • We live what we learn.
  • We co-operate and work together.
  • We better the community we live in.
  • We remain cheerful and happy as we work.
  • We value human labour.
  • We respect diversity.
  • We may disagree ........but politely.
  • Appreciation is our culture.
  • We eat healthy, we live healthy.
  • We discipline ourselves.
  • We voice our doubts and concerns without fear.

School Management


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