Joy is uplifting

by Ms Sangeeta Sekhani, Educator

Life is something to feel good about. Do it because it makes you happy.

Why let our happiness be dependent on someone else’s approval? A lot inside ourselves is responsible for our happiness. We mostly give importance to what people say or how they feel about us. Strangely Facebook and Instagram likes and comments can make or break our day! Our own opinions about ourselves hardly matter at times. Do we look inside ourselves just as frequently? Perhaps not. Absolutely nothing wrong with feeling nice when others appreciate us. But then, before anyone else, it is essential to be happy with ourselves, about ourselves. We need to appreciate our own being. Why not take a moment and figure out what makes us ‘truly’ happy and do that without holding ourselves back? Let’s not wait for the right time to do it. This is the right moment- here and now. Let your feet soak in the wet sand or your eyes close to relax with your favourite piece of music. Give yourself that much needed ‘ME-TIME’. Do it if it makes you happy because your inner joy will help you uplift yourself and those around you.