School Management


Mr. Vikram Lal

To the students I wish to convey that there can be nothing more important than school education. It is the fundament of civilised society, and of further education, innovation, research and every kind of progress - individual and collective. While you and your co-students enjoy this facility in Eicher School, Faridabad, you may please keep in mind that there are still millions of children in our country who are not as fortunate. Many do not have schools close enough to attend; others attend schools - public or private - that are dreadfully substandard; and yet others belong to families that are so poor that the children have to earn their own way from a very early age. Girls have an especially difficult time because they are often tasked with looking after their younger siblings, with cooking and fetching water and with other chores.

It is my hope that some of you - perhaps the brightest of your classes - will devote yourselves to solving this and other such fundamental problems once you have completed your own education. There can be no better purpose. I wish the entire team great success in the years to come.